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Toulouse can only be evoked with emotion and excitement. The city seduces and amazes the visitor with its cultural dynamism and its youth shining a new light over an otherwise traditional and typically French town. It resolutely is a charming and vibrant city, where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a certain nonchalance, while following the river from one activity to the other. Tinted in pink and lighten up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a true gem in the French province.

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Plenty of things to do and see

aircraft building

Let's Visit Airbus

For a really exceptional visit, head to the Lagardère site, 10 km from Toulouse, and learn everything there is to know about how a plane is built, how a plane functions and how it is tested. Several tours are organised on different themes: discovery experience, panoramic visit and green tour.

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The Basilica of St. Sernin

Basilique St-Sernin

Europe’s largest Romanesque church contains the tomb of Saint Sernin, a martyr and bishop who helped spread Christianity in Toulouse. Registered in the Unesco World Heritage, the St-Sernin Basilic is worth a visit and its impressive ceilings and marbles are the testimony of a long and prestigious past, marked by its major role in pilgrimage.

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Ornate old wooden door detail of the Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse, France.

Couvent des Jacobins

The convent of the Jacobins situated in the city centre is composed of a church, a convent, and a cloister. The church contains the body of its patron St. Thomas Aquinas. The building also hosts concerts and exhibitions regularly within its gorgeous walls and ceiling. If you have to visit one church in the whole city, let it be this one.

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Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse, France

Cité de l’Espace

Follow the stars and discover the mysteries of the universe in this fascinating scientific discovery centre located on the outskirts of Toulouse. Top sights and activities include the Astreala planetarium, real spaceships, the weather forecast planner you can partake in and the space training for adults and children.

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Musée Augustins Toulouse

Musée des Augustins

Right at the heart of the city, this fine arts museum lets visitors wander through the historic settings of an Augustinian monastery, admiring its collection of sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century.

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The Canal du midi, Toulouse, France

Canal du Midi

Take a peaceful break from the city with a walk along the canal banks pathways or an energetic bike ride on the 40km bike path stretching from Toulouse to Port Lauragais on the south bank. Don't forget to bring your camera!

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