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Tinted in pink and lightened up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a charming and lively city that often gets overlooked by tourists in favour of other French destinations. However, those who do visit will be treated to an enchanting experience. Toulouse boasts a rich history, modern vibrancy, and stunning architecture. The city is also an aerospace hub and takes pride in its strong culinary tradition. Its lush parks provide a peaceful escape while the Garonne River serves as a picturesque background for a delightful night stroll.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit


Café des Artistes

This café, with its traditional façade, is located between a music school and an art school. Although it may seem like a spot for the artsy crowd, don't worry - anyone can enjoy unwinding here with a Belgian beer while watching a game of football or taking in the stunning view of La Garonne.

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Le Breughel

Dark décor, loud music, Mojitos and a wide choice of beers to order from make this a great place for a party and a night of dancing. Famous among students and young professionals for its free snacks and warm service, Le Breughel also regularly hosts live music.

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beer being poured into glass with gourmet hamburgers

The Frog & Rosbif

The Frog & Rosbif was the first English pub and microbrewery of its kind to open in the city centre of Toulouse. With its distinctive interior, complete with a vintage phone booth, Union Jack flags, and English memorabilia, The Frog & Rosbif offers a delightful ambience for patrons to enjoy home-brewed beers, cocktails, and shots. The food menu features classic pub grub such as fish and chips and juicy burgers. However, it's the Loaded Fries that steal the show, making them a must-try for anyone visiting The Frog & Rosbif.

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Two female friends having drinks in a bar

Café Populaire

Café Populaire is a vibrant bar located in the heart of Toulouse, known for its cheap drinks and relaxed atmosphere, making it a popular spot among students. Upstairs, there's a room perfect for dancing, which adds to the liveliness of the bar. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just looking to let loose, the upbeat music and energizing ambience make it an excellent place to get your groove on.

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friends drinking beer and clinking glasses at pub

The London Town

Situated in the trendy Carmes shopping district, The London Town is a quintessentially British pub. Its street-side tables are perfect for people-watching while enjoying a cold draft beer and delicious bar snacks. With darts and televised sports, it's a great spot for a casual get-together with friends.

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Barman pouring a cocktail into a glass

The Dispensary

Great choice when it comes to evening drinks in Toulouse, The Dispensary, a British-inspired pub, entices with its ambience, drink selection, and food choices ranging from fish and chips to burgers. Join them for quiz night every Tuesday or Sunday brunch. And, don't miss their Happy Hour specials, available every day.

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