Hello, toulouse

Tinted in pink and lightened up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a charming and lively city that often gets overlooked by tourists in favour of other French destinations. However, those who do visit will be treated to an enchanting experience. Toulouse boasts a rich history, modern vibrancy, and stunning architecture. The city is also an aerospace hub and takes pride in its strong culinary tradition. Its lush parks provide a peaceful escape while the Garonne River serves as a picturesque background for a delightful night stroll.

The City
Toulouse, also known as the "Pink City" for its red-brick buildings that subtly change colour throughout the day, is one of France’s most exciting provincial cities. Once a city that inspired the medieval poets of courtly love, it has now become a trailblazer in technology and aerospace development. Despite its modern advancements, Toulouse retains a distinctly old-fashioned French soul, with its regional cuisine, traditional markets, and cosy cafes interspersed with antique shops and second-hand bookstalls. This historical city, which is over 2,000 years old, showcases the brick and tile architecture typical of the Midi-Pyrenees region's cities, villages, and farms. However, with a thriving and energetic student population, Toulouse is far from being stuck in a time warp. The city offers a cosmopolitan experience with a plethora of bars, trendy shops, cafés, and nightclubs.