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Tinted in pink and lightened up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a charming and lively city that often gets overlooked by tourists in favour of other French destinations. However, those who do visit will be treated to an enchanting experience. Toulouse boasts a rich history, modern vibrancy, and stunning architecture. The city is also an aerospace hub and takes pride in its strong culinary tradition. Its lush parks provide a peaceful escape while the Garonne River serves as a picturesque background for a delightful night stroll.


The Cafes to visit

Colorful macaroons


Decorated in vintage style with pink velvet armchairs and small café tables, Perlette serves fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, and delicious pastries. This refined and elegant tearoom also hosts baking classes where Chef Nicolas Buche will teach you how to bake French specialities such as macaroons.

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croissants and various pastries baking


Indulge in a variety of freshly baked pastries at Bapz, a charming British-inspired tea and coffee shop. Whether you're in the mood for a satisfying brunch or a relaxing afternoon tea, Bapz has got you covered. Their menu also includes classic cakes, savoury pies, and a daily English brunch, all served in a quirky and vintage atmosphere.

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La Fiancée

La Fiancée is a trendy brunch destination, which also has an on-site bakery, located near Couvent des Jacobins. Here, you can enjoy a range of breakfast staples, including pancakes and eggs, alongside coffee-based drinks.

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Cute little girl is eating cake in parlor

Le Salon d'Eugénie

Tea lovers will delight in this tea party extravaganza! In addition to an array of tea options, indulge in a selection of homemade desserts and sweets. Be sure to sample the delicious Banoffee pie, lemon pie, or Eugénie pie, which are sure to impress your taste buds.

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Raibow Cake

Cafe Den

Located in the heart of downtown Toulouse, Cafe Den is a classic coffee shop that offers a vast selection of drinks, including Bubble Tea. The menu boasts a variety of American pastries, including the colourful rainbow cake, and for those who crave something more substantial, there are also tasty sandwiches and salads.

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A slice of delicious chocolate tart gateaux served with fresh whipped cream with sprinkling of chocolated dust.

Flower's Café

This shop is so popular you might have to queue to get it, but be assured the hot chocolates, teas and pastries are well worth the wait. Or try out the sweet and salty tarts that are served in a French way or just have a healthy salad. If the weather permits, enjoy your drink and food on the lovely terrace while people watching.

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Close up view of someone pouring a cup of refreshing tea into a plain white cup with fresh green tea leaves resting on the saucer on a white background

Dip's Tea

Dip's Tea offers over 80 tea varieties for you to choose from, plus a tasty selection of homemade pastries and cakes to accompany them. Get cosy in this English-inspired atmosphere for an inexpensive tea break, lunch, or its all-day Sunday brunch.

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Le Bol Bu

Nestled in the heart of Old Toulouse, Le Bol Bu has been the go-to destination for tea and crêpes in Toulouse since 1975, making it the city's oldest tea room and crêperie. The principles of authenticity and simplicity have been at the heart of this charming establishment since its inception. Its menu features a range of savoury and sweet crêpes, as well as over 60 different types of tea, ranging from classic to flavoured options.

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Assortment of dry tea. Various kinds of tea isolated on white.Different kinds of tea leaves. Tea composition with different kind of tea. Tea concept. Tea leaves

Les Saisons du Thé

Les Saisons du Thé is the perfect destination for those seeking an authentic tea house experience. Their collection of over 250 tea varieties is impressive, with each one being of the highest quality and sourced from terroirs that honour traditional tea-making practices. Their small tea room boasts a tranquil zen decor, where you can indulge in tea tasting using the traditional Chinese method. The experienced team is always available to guide you and provide recommendations before you make your purchase.

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Espresso coffee extraction with bottomless filter

Florian's Coffee

Not only does this charming bike-pulled mobile café offer the unique experience of enjoying your coffee on the street, but it also provides a range of scrumptious specialty coffees made with passion and precision by a highly skilled barista. From coffees to frappes, lattes of all kinds, and delectable chocolates, you can indulge in a variety of delightful beverages and even choose from different types of milk.

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