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Tinted in pink and lightened up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a charming and lively city that often gets overlooked by tourists in favour of other French destinations. However, those who do visit will be treated to an enchanting experience. Toulouse boasts a rich history, modern vibrancy, and stunning architecture. The city is also an aerospace hub and takes pride in its strong culinary tradition. Its lush parks provide a peaceful escape while the Garonne River serves as a picturesque background for a delightful night stroll.


The Shopping to Visit

Mother and son buying green peas at market

The Cristal Market

Marché Cristal is a bustling outdoor market featuring a wide variety of farm-fresh goods including fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and delicious rotisserie chicken. You'll find plenty of locals shopping here for their daily or weekly needs. The market is open every day except for Mondays.

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Rue de Rome

Rue de Rome is renowned as Toulouse's premier shopping street, where you can find a wide array of shoe stores and clothing retailers, as well as a few designer shops, second-hand gems, and some quirky and intriguing little boutiques.

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Antique things

Les Carmes

Located in the historical district of Toulouse, Les Carmes is arguably the most vibrant neighbourhood in Toulouse and is predominantly recognized for its numerous restaurants. During the daytime, it transforms into a haven for antique shops and a bohemian atmosphere. Come and experience it for yourself.

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Victor Hugo Market

With over 80 stalls offering premium fish, meats, cheeses, and other fresh regional products, Marché Victor Hugo is a true food lover's paradise. The abundance, variety, and vivid colours of the goods on offer are simply staggering, with endless rows of items to tantalize the senses. It's the perfect place to sample a few local specialities.

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Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette, France's most famous and prestigious department store, contains an extensive selection of various brands, mainly clothing and cosmetics. Bonus in Toulouse, the top floor offers what is possibly the best view in the city. Even if you're not there to shop, you can simply head upstairs and admire the view.

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Assorted vintage items, clocks, cameras, flasks, sextant, lamps behind shop window.

Les Puces d'Oc

Closer to a bazaar than a boutique, Les Puces d'Oc is a joyful mess of... everything! From antique furniture pieces to random objects, the only thing they have in common is that they have nothing in common. For sure you will find a special item to bring back home.

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