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Toulouse can only be evoked with emotion and excitement. The city seduces and amazes the visitor with its cultural dynamism and its youth shining a new light over an otherwise traditional and typically French town. It resolutely is a charming and vibrant city, where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a certain nonchalance, while following the river from one activity to the other. Tinted in pink and lighten up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a true gem in the French province.

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Whether you decide to take a walk on the river banks or to book a cruise (which you can combine with lunch on-board!), the Garonne offers plenty of sights for a delightful afternoon or early evening. One company that offers cruising activities is Les Bateaux Toulousains and they have three boats located at: Quai de la Daurade, Port de l'Embouchure and Port Saint-Sauveur.

Les Abattoirs

Former slaughter house turned museum of Contemporary Art, Les Abattoirs now host exhibitions, concerts and performances as well. Located by the river and sided by a garden, this impressive brick building is not to miss when visiting Toulouse.Its masterpiece is a Picasso from 1936.

Couvent des Jacobins

The convent of the Jacobins situated in the city center is composed of a church, a convent and a cloister. The church contains the body of its patron St. Thomas Aquinas since 1369. The building also hosts concerts and exhibitions regularly within its gorgeous walls and ceiling. If you have to visit one church in the whole city, let it be this one.

Jardin Japonais

The Japanese Garden in the heart of Toulouse is a wonderful retreat on hot summer days but not only - the blossoming spring time and picturesque fall are a great time to visit, too. This is truly a perfect place to relax and people watch, or why not have a picnic?

Best things to do in toulouse

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