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Hello United Kingdom

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London £ +44

Attracted by the great universities and the promise of future prospects, people from all over the world come to study in the UK. Halls of residence, student societies and sports clubs are at the centre of the British student way of life. These help every student meet other people with similar interests, and a pint or two later, they’ll be your new best friends.

All the cities in the United Kingdom are unique. London is a city where there is always something going on for those who like living fast. Friendly and cheap, Leeds is one of England’s largest student cities. Manchester might have the best live-music scene and food of the whole country. Nottingham is a small town for party animals - with one of the country’s coolest campuses, too. We also have great student accommodation for students in the UK in Cardiff and Sheffield.

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Hello Portugal

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Lisbon +351

Portugal is an easygoing country. People here always find time for things like surfing, dinners with friends, a cup of coffee and long conversations. If you study in Portugal, make the most of the great coastline and the warm weather. The country is cheap, cheerful, and lots of fun. The parties go on until sunrise, sometimes beyond that.

Lisbon is a beautiful city that loves a street party more than anything else. Coimbra is one of the world’s most traditional student cities, where many students still wear a uniform. Porto is a small city, but it’s vibrant and exciting. Braga , a city where history, culture and tradition live side by side with technology and academic life, has the youngest population in the country.

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Hello Spain

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Madrid +34

Spain is a country for those who want to make the most out of every moment: to eat well, to drink often, to dance a lot. The tapas and sangria are the stuff of legends, the restaurants buzz, and all the locals love to party.

With its great food, rich culture, and nonstop nightlife, Madrid has real character. Barcelona is young and bohemian, artistic and wild. Some cities are beautifully historic, like Granada, Seville and Salamanca. The Mediterranean cities of Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Malaga have awesome beaches and unforgettable parties. We also have accommodation for students in Zaragoza, Córdoba, Murcia, Cadiz and Bilbao.

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Hello Italy

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Rome +39

Studying in Italy is probably the best opportunity you’ll ever have to explore a country where every city is fascinating. Get ready, though. Nobody escapes that awesome “pasta, pizza and birra” diet without gaining a few pounds!

The University of Bologna is considered the oldest university of the world, but the atmosphere here is far from being classical. The heart of Bologna is lively, fun-loving and revolutionary. We also have student accommodation in Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin.

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Hello France

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Paris +33

France is a country for artists, romantics, and foodies. Of course, it has incredible wine, cheese, croissants and baguettes! But it’s so much more than that because of the way so many cultures meet: in France you can enjoy music and food from all over the world.

Besides all the other great cities and small towns, if you come to study in France, consider studying in Paris. It’s possibly the most beautiful city in the world. Studying here is a privilege - make the most of it! Or maybe even Lille, named the coolest city in France thanks to its young population of over 100,00 students!

Hello Germany

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Berlin +49

Studying in Germany will open several doors for your future, regardless of whether you're here for just a semester or a whole year. It's easy to have a great life while studying in Germany. Most universities have abolished tuition fees, so you'll have more money to spend on the already great lifestyle provided by this beautiful country. Practically everyone speaks English, so you'll have no trouble meeting new people at university or exploring the country's vibrant nightlife!

Studying in Berlin is one of the most eye-opening experiences out there. With its hipster culture and after-parties that go on for days: Berlin is the best city to explore just who you are. Studying in rich Munich is completely different: it's pure old world culture in the Bavarian capital. Leipzig is the most populous city in the German federal state of Saxony, Frankfurt is Germany’s financial heart.