Hello France

Capital city Currency Calling code
Paris +33

France is a country well known for its philosophical thinkers and forward-thinking ideas. Students from across the globe come to study in France because of its rich culture, academic traditions, and fabulous cuisine. France is also one of Europe’s most diverse countries, where several different environments can be found within the same city.

Here, there’s a city for every kind of student. Paris is amazing for the arts lovers and museumgoers, along with its cosmopolitan student community; Toulouse is full of students who love the alternative scene; and Lyon is the culinary capital of France – so if you’re a foodie, you can’t go wrong with Lyon!

After a semester living in France, you will feel like you’ve been living in a typical French movie, and moving back home will feel odd. Not to worry, though, “We’ll always have Paris”.

The river, the museums, the cuisine, the Eiffel Tower - studying in Paris is an unforgettable adventure. Not to mention all the croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat you can have to cure your hangover after a French wine-fuelled night out along the Seine.

In Paris, students get a chance to enrich themselves culturally like nowhere else in the world. Every first Sunday of the month, most state-run museums are free for students. However, you’ll have to practice your French while you’re here, as the Parisians much prefer you to address them in their native language.

You can be sure of one thing: after your semester in Paris, you will have fallen in love with the city of love!

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