Hello Italy

Capital city Currency Calling code
Rome +39

Studying in Italy is an adventure that you’ll enjoy every second and every day. All of the cities in Italy are beautiful, amazing and fun. So the one where you are studying will be great: but so will all the ones you’ll be visiting and partying in.

You will always eat well: even in the smallest restaurant of your neighbourhood, or in your university’s food hall. It’s not just pizzas and pasta of course, but even if it was: the pizzas and the pasta here are so great, you wouldn’t get tired of it.

Italy is one of the favourite countries for international students: so you’ll always find a strong community here of friends to party with, explore your city or go travelling across the country. Life in Italy is awesome: Rome, Bologna, Milan, Padua, Florence and Turin.

Come study here and find out for yourself.

Cities this beautiful are usually crowded with tourists, but Bologna is a city 100% for students. This means it has some of the cheapest, coolest bars, parties and restaurants in the country. You’ll love studying in Bologna, a historical city with a radical student spirit.

Rome is a crazy and quirky city where you’ll never, ever find yourself bored. This city has it all for adventuring spirits: unique neighbourhoods to be discovered, ruins to explore, gardens and museums to visit.

Studying in Rome, you’ll see a completely different side of the city to the one tourists see. Instead of queueing for hours to see the Colosseum, or the Fontana di Trevi, you’ll go there with your friends at night. Drinking and talking for hours under these spots, you know are memories you’ll never forget.

If you need student rooms in Rome, we have plenty: one could be just for you.