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Few cities match the iconic status that Paris boasts in the imagination of travellers. In fashion, gastronomy, and the arts, she is queen. As you visit the different quartiers of the City of Light, her moods shift from gritty to sophisticated, from Haute Couture to punk. There is always something new to discover in Paris beyond the legendary sights and museums we all know so well. This fabled city has a way of getting under your skin and feeling instantly familiar to all who wander her hypnotic streets and linger at her inviting cafés.


The Shopping to Visit

Two young female friends in a department store in Paris

Le Bon Marché

Founded in 1838, Le Bon Marché was the first-ever department store. Tradition and prestige accompany this prominent retail establishment, the top destination for fashion and style. Designer apparel for men and women, cosmetics, accessories, jewellery, and houseware comprise the major departments. There is also an impressive food hall, which is definitely worth a visit.

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Gallery Lafayette Paris

Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette is an upscale French department store chain with more than 50 locations in France as well as in Berlin, Dubai, and Jakarta. Its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann, famous for its opulent interior along with its magnificent steel-frame art nouveau glass dome, houses more than 3500 of the most prestigious designer and cosmetics labels, as well as the largest European space entirely devoted to men's fashion. Plus, a contemporary art gallery, a variety of cafés and eateries, and a rooftop terrace offering a breathtaking view of Paris.

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Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris

Shakespeare & Company

It might be difficult to let the magic of Shakespeare & Company truly sink in given the abominable number of tourists crowding the tiny space these days, but the place is still definitely worth a visit. 'Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers Lest They Be Angels in Disguise', seen above the reading room entrance are words the shop lives by, along with its founding motto: 'Give what you can; take what you need'. Throughout its 70-year existence, the shop has accommodated young writers and artists in exchange for helping out, and an estimated 30,000 people have reportedly slept on the beds tucked between its bookshelves since its opening in 1951, but one doesn't have to spend the night to enjoy the welcoming public reading room. In 2016, the shop published its own history with contributions from the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, and Ethan Hawke.

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Romantic couple in Paris selecting a book from a bookseller near the Seine

Along the Seine — The Bouquinistes of Paris

One of the most enchanting shopping experiences in Paris involves strolling along the Seine River's parapet, where the Bouquinistes of Paris set up their stalls. These booksellers rent out old stalls to offer a diverse array of items, including used books, posters, antiques, and souvenirs. The picturesque rows of bookstalls along the Seine create a unique and nostalgic ambiance, making it a delightful destination for book lovers and those seeking vintage treasures in the heart of the city.

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Louvre Pyramid

Carrousel du Louvre

Located beneath the iconic Louvre Museum, the Carrousel du Louvre offers a unique and sophisticated shopping experience. The shopping gallery is known for its diverse range of boutiques and shops, showcasing a blend of high-end French and international brands. Visitors can explore elegant stores featuring fashion, jewellery, beauty products, and more.

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Happy twin sisters doing shopping on holidays in France


Champs-Élysées is a charming and historic thoroughfare, famous worldwide for its upscale shopping options. The long avenue is lined with a mix of high-end and flagship stores of renowned international and French brands. Some examples of notable shops on or near Champs-Élysées include Cartier, Dior, Guerlain, and Louis Vuitton, together with a few malls such as Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées, Galerie des Champs, and Galerie des Arcades. Here you will also find an Apple store, a large Sephora for beauty enthusiasts and Zara, for more accessible and contemporary fashion. While Champs-Élysées is known for its luxury brands, you can also find a mix of other shops, cafés, and theatres along the avenue, making it a diverse and iconic shopping destination in Paris.

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