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Few cities match the iconic status that Paris boasts in the imagination of travellers. In fashion, gastronomy, and the arts, she is queen. As you visit the different quartiers of the City of Light, her moods shift from gritty to sophisticated, from Haute Couture to punk. There is always something new to discover in Paris beyond the legendary sights and museums we all know so well. This fabled city has a way of getting under your skin and feeling instantly familiar to all who wander her hypnotic streets and linger at her inviting cafés.

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La Seine

The river Seine flows 776 kilometres through northern France and offers a great opportunity to become familiar with many of Paris's impressive monuments while enjoying a boat ride through the heart of the city. A romantic cruise for couples or a fun-filled ride for the whole family, just sit back on the water and enjoy the scenic setting of Paris. Most boat lines offer similar itineraries and are equipped with an audio announcement system, as the multilingual guides provide commentary on the passing sights in several different languages.

Disneyland Paris

If you can be drawn away from the magical allure of the city, venture to a different type of magic at Disneyland Paris. The resort consists of two parks, Disneyland Park, which consists mainly of the usual rides, restaurants, cafés, and tons and tons of shops, and Walt Disney Studios, which has cinemas and stages on top of that. Wander down Main Street USA, explore exotic sceneries in Adventureland, or visit your favourite and most beloved characters at Fantasyland. Tons of fun is waiting to be had by visitors of all ages.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Georges Pompidou is a vast postmodern and high-tech architectural space that hosts the Musée National d'Art Moderne (the largest modern art museum in Europe) along with an expansive public library, and a centre for music and acoustic research. Its construction was controversial, as it was necessary to demolish the emblematic market that stood at that location at Les Halles, and it was initially despised by many Parisians for its unusual architectural aesthetic, which many thought clashed with the city's classical and sophisticated style.

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf (New Bridge) is, ironically, the oldest bridge over the river Seine in Paris. Its construction dates back to the 16th century, and the iconic bridge stands today at 278 metres (912 feet) long and 28 metres (92 feet) wide, connecting the Île de la Cité with either side of the Seine.