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Few cities match the iconic status that Paris boasts in the imagination of travellers. In fashion, gastronomy, and the arts, she is queen. As you visit the different quartiers of the City of Light, her moods shift from gritty to sophisticated, from Haute Couture to punk. There is always something new to discover in Paris beyond the legendary sights and museums we all know so well. This fabled city has a way of getting under your skin and feeling instantly familiar to all who wander her hypnotic streets and linger at her inviting cafés.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Jug of sangria at a wine bar in Paris, France

Le 10 Bar

Le 10 Bar is a quaint little bar, near the Palais du Luxembourg, popular for its homemade sangria. Take a seat at one of its street-facing tables or grab a chair in its rustic and characterful interior, decorated with old posters.

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Rock band performing in a concert hall in Paris, France


Supersonic is an intimate concert hall and bar, situated in a former New York loft-like factory hosting free rock concerts by up-and-coming bands.

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Friends drinking wine in a bar in Paris

Aux Folies

Aux Folies is a traditional Paris bar & café that has fully embraced the city's multi-cultural present. Once the home of Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier, the district of Belleville now mixes Chinese and North African influences, reflecting the effect immigrant cultures have had on the city and its culture. Aux Folies is a popular spot for both coffee and cocktails, and its spacious terrace allows for some people-watching.

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Close up photo of hands of a bartender pouring some drink into shot glasses on a wooden counter

Favela Chic

Favela Chic is an eclectic and lively Brazilian bar & restaurant offering a mix of French and Brazilian fare, plus cocktails, and lots of music until the early hours of the morning.

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DJ playing at a nightclub in Paris, France

Rex Club

Rex Club holds a prominent status in Paris’s nightlife scene. Renowned for its iconic presence in the electronic music realm, Rex Club has been a consistent hub for dance music enthusiasts since its inception. With a rich history dating back to the '90s, this legendary venue has hosted internationally acclaimed DJs and continues to be a symbol of Parisian club culture. Its lively atmosphere, cutting-edge sound system, and commitment to electronic music make Rex Club an enduring icon in the vibrant nightlife landscape of Paris.

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La Perle

La Perle is a favourite among 'bohemian chic' Parisians as well as international stylists, artists, models, and fashionistas. It is a perfect place to either start your evening or just have a conversation over a glass of wine and some pizza. Though it is often crowded, it has a homey and friendly atmosphere.

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