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Capital of the beautiful region of Sicily, Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem awaiting to be discovered. This busy port city pulsates with vibrant energy, embodying a perpetual transformation that has firmly reinstated it among Europe's cultural hubs. Palermo is full of sights and treasures: from ornate Baroque churches and glorious Norman-Gothic architecture to elegant Art Nouveau villas and lively markets. Amidst the chaotic streets, the city's flamboyant spirit thrives, offering a delightful surprise at every turn.


Restaurants to visit

Osteria dei Vespri

Set in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Valguarnera Gangi, in the heart of Palermo's historic centre, Osteria dei Vespri graces one of the city's most enchanting squares. Here, the essence of Sicilian cuisine unfolds, inviting diners to savour fish dishes, pasta, and an array of culinary delights. Amidst the stone-lined interior or alfresco at courtyard tables, this osteria offers not only an exquisite dining experience but also an extensive wine list, ensuring a journey through flavours that are both tasteful and atmospheric.

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table at a rustic and elegant restaurant


Housed in the former studio of Renaissance sculptor Antonello Gagini, this Michelin-starred culinary haven offers tasting menus with modern twists on timeless Sicilian recipes in a cosy and rustic ambience with bare-stone interiors. Beyond the kitchen, a refined cellar awaits, boasting an extensive array of wines that perfectly complement the culinary artistry on display.

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Sicilian pasta with sardines

Casa del Brodo dal Dottore

Casa del Brodo dal Dottore opened its doors in 1890, making it one of the city’s oldest restaurants. Since then, it has been synonymous with good Palermitan cuisine. Amidst its vast culinary offerings, traditional delights shine — from the sumptuous tortellini in broth to the boiled meat with potatoes to the distinctive Sicilian appetisers like sarde a beccafico and eggplant rolls.

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Italian pizza Palermo

Il Baro

Il Baro is located in a charming neighbourhood outside of the city centre. The restaurant is popular with locals and much appreciated by tourists. First and foremost, they serve artisan pizzas, but there are other options on the menu, like pasta and meat dishes.

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Sicilian seafood dish

Aja Mola

Regarded as one of Palermo's premier seafood establishments, Aja Mola is a simple yet classy eatery serving the freshest fish, shellfish, and a curated array of special oyster selections from the Mediterranean. Complementing these exquisite dishes is a thoughtfully chosen collection of natural wines. The open-view kitchen with bar seating underscores the informal ambience that pervades this culinary haven.

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Pasta dish with eggplant from Sicily

Trattoria Ai Cascinari

Behind its unassuming facade, Ai Cascinari unveils a culinary delight. This family-owned trattoria exudes authenticity, serving a delectable array of antipasti, pasta, seafood, and other Sicilian classics. The fare is characterised by its freshness, high quality, and tantalising flavours, all set against a backdrop of cosy and rustic charm.

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