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Capital of the beautiful region of Sicily, Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem awaiting to be discovered. This busy port city pulsates with vibrant energy, embodying a perpetual transformation that has firmly reinstated it among Europe's cultural hubs. Palermo is full of sights and treasures: from ornate Baroque churches and glorious Norman-Gothic architecture to elegant Art Nouveau villas and lively markets. Amidst the chaotic streets, the city's flamboyant spirit thrives, offering a delightful surprise at every turn.


The Shopping to Visit

Fruit at Vucciria Market in Palermo

Mercato Vucciria

Palermo's vibrant outdoor markets beckon exploration, and among them, the renowned Mercato Vucciria, affectionately known as La Vucciria, stands out. For seven centuries, Palermo's oldest market has been a fixture in the historic heart of Piazza San Domenico, offering a kaleidoscope of activity as vendors offer everything from seafood, fruits, and vegetables to a diverse mix of handcrafted creations. Opening its doors every day except Sunday, the morning hours unveil the market's vibrant energy, making it the prime time for exploration.

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Mosaic in mercato del Capo, Palermo

Mercato del Capo

To truly experience Palermo, do not miss a stroll down the colourful and bustling Mercato del Capo. It is a food and flea market that imbibes the culture in Palermo with local delicacies, fruits, and vegetables, as well as souvenirs and houseware goods. Check out the beautiful mosaic of A Pupa ru Capu (Capo's sweetheart) at the entrance of Panificio Morello, too.

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Young man and woman choosing suit jacket during apparel shopping at clothing store

Centro Commerciale Forum

With 120 stores, the Centro Commerciale Forum is the biggest shopping mall in Palermo. It features many luxurious boutiques, restaurants, services and other establishments making it a favourite shopping destination for many tourists. Shops such as Guess, H&M, Timberland, United Colors of Benetton, Pandora, Swarovski and Adidas, are all included here.

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Coppola hats

La Coppola

Symbolic of the island's rich heritage, the Sicilian coppola — the iconic flat hats of the region — is a cherished emblem, echoing the resonance of ancient traditions that have withstood the test of time. And at La Coppola, the art of crafting modern Sicilian coppola comes to life. These meticulously crafted pieces serve as perfect souvenirs to bring back home.

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Cittacotte by Vincenzo Vizzari in Palermo

Cittacotte di Vincenzo Vizzari

Looking for a great and unique memento from Palermo? Come and visit Cittacotte for creative handmade miniatures of renowned monuments and buildings from the city. Every piece is made in terracotta and shaped by the Italian architect Vincenzo Vizzari, using innovative and exceptional techniques to create an extremely detailed and elaborate design.

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Woman shopping


Torregrossa is one of the first Italian prêt-à-porter multi-brand boutiques. boasting an impressive assortment of stylish clothing and accessories hailing from globally acclaimed luxury brands. A haven for fashion enthusiasts, this destination emerges as the perfect choice for those seeking to satiate their style cravings with a diverse range of offerings from the world of haute couture and sophistication.

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