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Capital of the beautiful region of Sicily, Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem awaiting to be discovered. This busy port city pulsates with vibrant energy, embodying a perpetual transformation that has firmly reinstated it among Europe's cultural hubs. Palermo is full of sights and treasures: from ornate Baroque churches and glorious Norman-Gothic architecture to elegant Art Nouveau villas and lively markets. Amidst the chaotic streets, the city's flamboyant spirit thrives, offering a delightful surprise at every turn.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Bartender pouring red wine in a glass

Bottiglieria Massimo

For over five decades, this family-run bar has shone as a beacon of excellence, offering a diverse range of champagne, top-notch cocktails, craft beer, and fine spirits. Now, Bottiglieria del Massimo boasts an added gem: the Lievitoteca-Oyster Bar, a haven for gourmet delights.

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Live music

Cantavespri Vini e Vinili

Housed within a 16th-century palace in the heart of Palermo's city centre, Cantavespri is an Italian restaurant, wine bar, and nightclub. It offers special cocktails, aperitifs and typical Italian and Sicilian cuisine, as well as live music and DJ acts, plus a wide array of vinyl to choose from.

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Aperitivo with cocktail and finger food

Il Siciliano

Il Siciliano is one of the best places to have aperitifs in Palermo, boasting a blend of cocktails, regional wines, and a rich selection of Italian tapas. The venue's colourful and cosy ambience draws crowds, particularly during late afternoons in the summer. They frequently host live music gigs.

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Cocktails on terrace bar

Igiea Terrazza Bar

Located at the Villa Igiea Hotel, Igiea Terrazza Bar welcomes guests into an inviting space graced by charming frescoes painted in the 1950s by Palermo's revered local artist, Eugenio Morici. The bar boasts a stylish games room and evening live music during the summer months, as well as an exclusive outdoor terrace that gazes upon the glimmering Gulf of Palermo, creating a magical setting for enjoying drinks or dancing the night away. Within this setting, the bar crafts a menu embracing Sicilian flavours along with an expertly crafted cocktail selection.

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Live music playing

Malox Cult

Malox is a no-frills pub offering a wide selection of beers and cocktails at reasonable prices, plus bar bites and occasional live music evenings. A favourite among local youth and students, its allure is heightened by a leafy terrace — an ideal spot to unwind and socialise.

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Whiskey in dive bar

Botteghe Colletti

Nestled at a picturesque corner in Palermo, Botteghe Colletti offers the perfect spot for mingling with the locals over a drink. Embark on a sensory journey through flavours and aromas, guided by the expertise of the bartenders. With both street and indoor seating options, its rustic yet refined interior exudes charm, complete with exposed brick walls and antiques that resonate with a captivating retro vibe.

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