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Art and culture are embedded in the soul of Vienna: imperial splendour, world-class museums, opera and classical music heritage. Modernist legacy and a cosmopolitan flair add delicious contrast to the old-world charm. Walk down the parks and grand palace-lined Ringstrasse, experience the centuries-old cafe tradition and admire the astonishing architecture of a buzzing modern capital filled with history.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Fluc club in Vienna

Fluc & Fluc Wanne

Home of Vienna alternative nightlife culture, Club Fluc is located right next to Praterstern in a former pedestrian passage. The bar upstairs, without entrance fee and hosting regular lives of experimental and indie-electronic music, is perfect to start the evening with a few drinks or hang out on the terrace.The club Fluc Wanne dowstair is home to electro and disco parties, often featuring international acts. There is a moderate admission fee for the club.

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door to the Flex club in Vienna (upscaled and cropped)


One of the most renown clubs in the city, Flex has started the scene on the Danube Canal: the club has a punk past and hosts many internationally-famous bands and DJs. Located in a former metro tunnel, the club is said to have one of the best sound system in Europe and hosts today many events based on a wide variety of music genres.

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DJ playing at the club

Volksgarten Club Disco

This disco in Vienna city centre is located in the middle of a beautiful garden. The Volksgarten Club Disco has a long history and has remained a hot spot of Vienna's party culture for decades, despite the fast-paced nature of club culture. This has also been one of the city’s most attractive locations and central points for decades. The music is mainly house, disco and party hits.

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People dancing at club

The Loft

A casual and relaxed attitude, moderate prices and the diversity of its cultural offer make The Loft one of the most welcoming clubs in Vienna.On the ground floor there is a bar often hosting exhibitions and small concerts, perfect to sip some drinks to start the evening.The two main floors, one upstairs and one downstairs, have different entrance fees and provide changing music genres: the first floor has a large bar with cozy seating areas, while the basement always gets the dance floor bubbling.During weekdays many different events are held, including poetry slam, quiz, movies, freestyle battle and open mics nights.

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Courtyard of WUK Vienna, the former Technological Trade Museum (TGM)


A sample of authentic Vienna daily life, social and cultural centre WUK combines 150 initiatives and groups. Located inside a former locomotive factory, with brick walls covered in ivy, WUK is packed with entertainments and activities such as: concerts, exhibitions, workshops, dance and theatre, children's activities and club nights. During sunny days, enjoy the leafy cobbled courtyard of the popular WUK bistro.

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Tanzcafe Jenseits in Vienna

Tanzcafe Jenseits

Tanzcafe Jenseits is a small, charming hangout with a retro vibe. The place is beloved by locals and usually get easily packed with a bohemian crowd dancing at Soul, Funk and retro-Pop tunes: almost nobody leaves this wild dance cafe before daybreak.Beside a variety of unusual cocktails and wines, they also have a cigar menu.The soft-lighted, red-velvet interiors sometimes host poetry readings and drama nights.

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