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Art and culture are embedded in the soul of Vienna: imperial splendour, world-class museums, opera and classical music heritage. Modernist legacy and a cosmopolitan flair add delicious contrast to the old-world charm. Walk down the parks and grand palace-lined Ringstrasse, experience the centuries-old cafe tradition and admire the astonishing architecture of a buzzing modern capital filled with history.

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Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier (MQ) is one of the ten largest cultural districts in the world, combining exhibition spaces, cafes, restaurants and bars. At the edge of the Old City, in the former imperial stables, it unites facilities highlighting different fields of art with restaurants, coffeehouses and shops in an area of 90,000 square meters with a combination of Baroque buildings and modern architecture. This has created a colourful and diverse local scene against the backdrop of significant museums and collections.MuseumsQuartier houses MUMOK, Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien, ZOOM Kindermuseum, Tanzquartier, Architekturzentrum Wien, Q21, monochrom and Modepalast.

Central Cemetery

The second largest cemetery in Europe is home to graves of numerous celebrated personas, including composers Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart and Salieri. The multidenominational cemetery represents a unique park landscape, hosting a Funeral Museum, monumental tombs of honour and an Art Nouveau cemetery church Lueger Kirche.More than 250 original objects and photographic material are on display in the Funeral Museum, including an original "Fourgon" (coach for transporting bodies) from around the year 1900. Don't miss this macabre journey into the ceremonial past.

Schönbrunn Palace

A visit to Vienna’s most famous palace is a must for art lovers. The Baroque building structures have been preserved with “Viennese Charm" and host the 1,441 rooms that were once inhabited by the imperial family. You can still admire 40 of them on the guided tours today. Explore the architectural treasures of the Palace Gardens, such as the Palm House and the the oldest zoo in the world, built in 1752 by Emperor Franz I. Naturally, the gardens are best visited in the warmer months.

House of Music

The House of Music is a multi-media world of experience. Experimentation is called for here: visitors paint sounds with their fingers and direct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The acoustic journey ranges from pre-natal hearing experiences to the development of the human ear and the first musical instruments right through to the sounds of the Cosmos. Geniuses such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss are presented with original music scores, programs, costumes and personal items. On the top floor of the Sound Museum, the Restaurant Huth offers fine Austrian cuisine with a wonderful view over the rooftops of Vienna.