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"Mother Prague has clutches," Franz Kafka wrote nearly one hundred years ago. Prague’s convoluted streets may keep you in those clutches loving every second of it. Anyone who has wandered around the city's cobbled streets and Gothic alleyways and seen the moon hover behind the towers and pinnacles of Europe's most beautiful capital will definitely come back.

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people walking around central Prague

Central Prague Walking Tour

Get acquainted with Prague’s atmospheric Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter on this walking tour of Prague. Learn about the history that has shaped modern Prague, and experience life as a local.

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John Lennon Wall - Prague

John Lennon Wall

Shortly after the assassination of singer John Lennon in 1980, this stone wall, located across from the French embassy, was converted into an impromptu memorial with a painting of the singer's face, candles, and lyrics from the Beatles. Soon, political graffiti criticising the totalitarian regime began to appear. Despite the authorities countless attempts of whitewashing the wall, they never truly managed to keep it clean for long. Today, the John Lennon Wall is an endless tribute to the freedom movement. It has lots of graffiti, drawings, and messages, and anyone that comes here is free to leave their contribution. This is also a great spot for photos.

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Trdelník, Prague, Czech Republic (Czechia)

Prague Foodie Tour

You might not know this, but Prague is a true foodies' paradise. But if you really want to find the most authentic spots, you'll need a local guide. So, join this 5-star foodie tour, on which you'll savour a wide range of Czech fare–from pub food to traditional dishes to modern takes on local cuisine.Alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks and coffee are included, as well as fascinating insights into the culture and history of Prague from your expert guide.

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Prague - Charles bridge, Czech Republic

Karlův most — Charles Bridge

The iconic Karlův most was built in 1357 under the guidance of Charles IV, and up to the 19th century it remained the only bridge connecting both sides of Prague. Take a stroll over the bridge and learn the names of the 30 saints whose statues stand sentinel there.Take some time to visit the Charles Bridge Museum close to the bridge itself. It is located in the several rooms of the original Crusaders hospital and Church of the Holy Spirit.

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The St. Vitus’ Cathedral next to the Prague Castle, Prague, Czechia

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

The whole of Prague Castle, the area which lies on a hill overlooking the city, is a must for any visitor. The castle’s history goes back to the 11th century, and it is believed to be Europe’s largest castle. The Gothic St.Vitus Cathedral, which took more than 600 years to build, is most significant and impressive.

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Old New Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic

Staronová Synagoga — The Old-New Synagogue

Staronová Synagoga is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. This is where Rabbi Löw, who created Golem — the mythical clay figure which was to protect Prague’s Jewish population from persecution — preached. It has been an important centre for Czech Jews for centuries.

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