Hello, prague

"Mother Prague has clutches," Franz Kafka wrote nearly one hundred years ago. Prague’s convoluted streets may keep you in those clutches loving every second of it. Anyone who has wandered around the city's cobbled streets and Gothic alleyways and seen the moon hover behind the towers and pinnacles of Europe's most beautiful capital will definitely come back.


The Cafes to visit

Cup of freshly brewed cappuccino in a cafe

Café Slavia

Of all Prague’s old, traditional cafes, Slavia is the most well-known. This is where members of the Czech avant-garde would sit in the early 1900s, and, during the Communist era, dissidents used to gather here, the secret police spying from only a couple of tables away. The view towards Prague Castle is simply stunning, but if you get tired of it, you can always look at the fine painting "The Absinthe Drinker".

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Chocolate cake and cappuccino

Café Louvre

Café Louvre was Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein’s favourite cafe. It also once housed Prague’s first billiard hall. One major attraction here are their home made cakes.

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Cup of cappuccino in hands

Kavárna Obecní dům

Kavárna Obecní dům is a relaxing cafe designed in Art Nouveau style with high ceilings, large windows, mirrors and beautiful crystal chandeliers.

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Homemade shortcrust fruit pie

Mistral Café

Cafe and restaurant Mistral is located in the historic Old Town. Whether you choose Czech specialities or international cuisine, you will get inspired by the relaxing atmosphere regardless.

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Colourful Donuts on wooden plate


Donuterie prepares fresh donuts, with different colourful sugar-coats and toppings, several times per day. No artificial colours are used and vegan options are also in their assortment.

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Bowl with gelato and spoon

Puro Gelato

Choosing only the freshest ingredients and producing only the amounts of gelato needed throughout the day, this gelato shop is committed to its name Puro, which simply translates to pure in English.

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waffles with berries and cafe

Coffee & Waffles

If you consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, come to Coffee & Waffles where breakfast is served till closing. Apart from sweet and savoury waffles, you can order English or American breakfasts or light options like yogurt or porridge. Soups, hot drinks and salads are also great.

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healthy bagel with vegetables

Just Bagel

Tasty bagels for breakfast, or any other time of day. Just Bagel prepares them for you to take away or have right then and there. Several vegetarian and savoury sandwich bagels with fish, ham, egg or bacon will not make your choice easier. Whatever your preference is, enjoy your bagel with a smoothie, coffee or a Pilsner beer.

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