Hello, oxford

Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world (and the second-oldest in continuous operation on the planet), Oxford is more than a celebrated microcosm of academic scholarship: there's the splendid architecture, hefty literary heritage, and plenty more to fill an eventful few days.

The City
Oxford was known as "Oxenaforda" in the early times. It means "Ford of the Oxen", where fords were utilised by the people to walk or drive across the river or stream. Oxford also became a significant location for military frontier between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex. The achievement of Oxford was enhanced by a charter granted by King Henry II. It grants its citizens the same privileges, exemptions and important religious houses as those enjoyed by the citizens at the capital of the kingdom. To date, Oxford city is a bustling cosmopolitan town where ancient University still rises as its attractions. The city offers a wide range of guest houses, hotels, apartments and self-catering accommodations for its tourists and residents. Oxford is also now a growing hi-tech community where many businesses are established. Take time to find the right place for you whether for dining, chilling out or taking a rest. This city definitely has something for everyone.