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Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world (and the second-oldest in continuous operation on the planet), Oxford is more than a celebrated microcosm of academic scholarship: there's the splendid architecture, hefty literary heritage, and plenty more to fill an eventful few days.

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Christ Church

Known as "The House", Christ Church is one of the colleges of Oxford University and was founded in 1525 by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. It is also the cathedral church of the diocese of Oxford, namely Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.The dining hall at the Christ Church, known as the Great Hall, will look familiar to any fan of the Harry Potter films as it inspired the set of Hogwarts. The cathedral and college complex was also used as the backdrop for numerous scenes in the popular movie series. Moreover, a portrait of Charles Dodgson can be seen upon entering the Hall. Charles Dodgson's pen name is Lewis Carroll who is a famed author of Alice in Wonderland.

Footprints Tours

The famous two-hour free walking tour around Oxford, covering sights such as Bodleian Library, University sights, in-depth history of the town and more is hosted by Footprints Tours. But they also provide other tours like bike tours, private family Oxford tours, Harry Potter Tour and much more. Moreover, the tours are guaranteed that no visitor or tourist will fall asleep.

Kassam Football Stadium

The Kassam Stadium is considered as one of the largest meetings and event spaces in Oxfordshire. It is where Oxford United Football Club and London Welsh Rugby Football Club dwells. It is named after the ground's owner, and former chairman of the football club, Firoz Kassam.

Tooley's Boatyard

Tooley's Boatyard has been around since 1790´s and is a historic boatyard on the Oxford Canal in the centre of the town of Banbury, Oxfordshire. It is the oldest working dry dock in the Inland Waterways. It was established to build and repair the wooden horse-drawn narrow boats used for travelling up and down the newly constructed Oxford Canal network. The boatyard launched Tom Rolt's 'Cressy' onto the canals in 1939 and his book "Narrowboat" speaks about the formation of the Inland Waterways Association which ultimately led to the preservation of the canal network. Today, the boatyard includes two scheduled ancient monuments - an historic dry dock and a smithy.

Best things to do in oxford

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