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Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world (and the second-oldest in continuous operation on the planet), Oxford is more than a celebrated microcosm of academic scholarship: there's the splendid architecture, hefty literary heritage, and plenty more to fill an eventful few days.


The Cafes to visit

Vegetables in a basket on table under sunlight

Organic Deli Café

The Organic Deli Cafe is family run and an artisan in homemade creators of vegan, organic, dairy free and gluten breads, snacks, cakes and pastries. It prides itself on using locally sourced organic produce.

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prepares espresso in his coffee shop; close-up

The Grand Café

The Grand Café is a French café on High Street. Both coffee and food are not only exquisite here but the decor are truly spectacular and luxurious. It definitely is a lovely place to spoil oneself.

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Thirsty Meeples

Thirsty Meeples is a place where, not only good food and coffee are served, but also where you will have a great time playing board games with family and friends. This café believed that board games can bring social interaction, mental stimulation and fun.

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black strong coffee on the table and reading book

Vaults & Garden

The Vaults & Garden Coffee Shop is situated in an old Congregation house of Oxford University. They carefully chose organic and ethically produced goods and ingredients for every food they prepare. The café offers are children-friendly and also offers outdoor seating for its guests.

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Cup of coffee, bag and scoop on old rusty background

The Missing Bean

The Missing Bean is an independently owned espresso bar on Turl Street. The coffee shop is set up to bring the artisan Antipodean coffee style. They always believed in making sure they serve the best coffee from the right beans. In early 2012, they began roasting their own beans.

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Macarons in french patisserie

Rick's Café

Rick's is a French café situated on Cowley Road. They serve delicious patisserie from Chateau Gateau. This is the right place to find nice macaroons in the city.

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Cream of tomato soup with croutons and cracked black pepper garnished with basil leaves. Sliced crusty bread and butter on background.

Greens Café

Greens Café is a pub with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that serves fresh and organic food. They cater to all sorts of tastes including vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free. The place has a second floor with a great view and always available for private hire.

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Chocolate ice cream scoop

George and Delila

George and Delila opened its doors in the summer of 1992 as an independent ice cream café on Cowley Road. They serve great ice creams, desserts, baked goods, bagels and drinks. They offer reasonably priced quality food, friendly and convenient service and a bright atmosphere.

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Female hands holding cups of coffee on rustic wooden table background

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is a coffee shop on Park End Street that is a part of a charity. They aim to help people with learning disabilities through various activities. While you stay and enjoy a meal or a good coffee in this establishment, you will know that you are also supporting a good cause.

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The Rose

The Rose is a small yet cosy café on High Street. They serve first class food for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. They offer lovely homemade scones and cakes.

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Queen's Lane Coffee House

Queen's Lane Coffee House

Queen's Lane Coffee House is situated on the corner of Queen’s Lane and the High Street in Oxford. This café is said to be the oldest coffee house in Europe dating back in 1654. Close by this place are both The Queen's College to the west and St Edmund Hall to the north. It is a very busy café with great tasting coffee and food.

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Close up view of fresh and very tasty pizza

Café Coco

Café Coco is known for its great food, great cocktails and great atmosphere. It is one of the best cafés on Cowley Road. It is a European-style late night café affair that suits perfect for treats and lively chats. They also offer excellent tasting Greek and Italian stuff including lots of pizza but also breakfast.

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how to make latte art coffee

Art Café

Art Café offers good breakfast and brunch meals on New Road. They have an upstairs small seating area that is usually a good spot to look out over Queen Street. All the food they produce is organic and freshly made.

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