Hello, malaga

Malaga might not be as popular as other Spanish cities, but a quick visit to the birthplace of Pablo Picasso is enough to win any visitor's heart. With a great mix of ancient history and modern culture, nearly 3.000 hours of sunshine a year, and several kilometres of beach, it's quite easy to see why Malaga has been described as "Ciudad del Paraíso" ("Paradise City").


The Shopping to Visit

Calle Larios

Calle Larios and Calle Nueva

Calle Larios and Calle Nueva, the street running parallel to it, are the main shopping streets in Malaga for shoes and clothes. Shoes can be found, for example, at Antonio Parriego and Nicolas on Calle Larios.

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People with shopping bags

Centro Larios Shopping Centre

In the Centro Larios Shopping Centre, apart from clothes shops, there are cinemas and restaurants. You can find this large shopping centre right in the heart of Malaga.

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Couple in shopping mall

El Corte Inglés

Spain’s department store colossus is both loved and hated, but successfully performs the main task of the department store, which is to offer most things to most people. Designer fashions, their own low and medium-priced lines, enormous perfumery and make-up departments, leather goods in all price ranges, toys, children’s clothes, art materials, food and delicatessen, home furnishing devices, garden furniture, a tobacco department with humidors etc.However, the best thing about El Corte Inglés is the service. The staff is always friendly and helpful, garments are shortened and taken in at no cost and without a murmur. And the customer has the unlimited right of return upon production of a receipt.

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Olives at market

Mercado Central Atarazanas

For those looking for a gift, a souvenir, or something good to eat, a visit to Mercado Central Atarazanas is recommended. Here you can buy meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, olives, nuts, spices, cheese and pork all at reasonable prices. Apart from this, the market is a delight for the eye.

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Cheese and ham

Ultramarinos Zoilo

At Ultramarinos Zoilo on Calle Granada, you can buy typical Málaga Dulce or Moscatel sweet wine, serrano pork, good cheeses and sausages, raisins from the province and sweets such as “mantecados,” a kind of cake that is mainly eaten at Christmas.

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Spanish dress


Those wanting a slightly more exclusive souvenir can buy a fan in one of the specialised shops on Calle Nueva, but there are souvenirs to be found all along the coast. Choose between everything from slogan T-shirts and little figurines to holiday bracelets. Visit the markets for inexpensive items.

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