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Malaga might not be as popular as other Spanish cities, but a quick visit to the birthplace of Pablo Picasso is enough to win any visitor's heart. With a great mix of ancient history and modern culture, nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and several kilometres of beach, it's quite easy to see why Malaga has been described as 'Paradise City'.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Wine and food

El Pimpi

Old wine barrels signed by famous people, such as the Picasso family and Spanish actor Antonio Banderas decorate the interior of this beautiful restaurant next to the Museo Picasso. Enjoy a great selection of tapas and local wines at their lovely terrace or have a seat at their outdoor area overlooking the Roman Theatre.

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Wine glasses

Antigua Casa de Guardia

Step back in time at this historic tavern that offers wooden barrels of sweet wines along with some tapas to share.

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Flamenco dancing

Taberna Famenca Amargo

A few minutes from Teatro Cervantes, Taberna Amargo reflects the Andalusian essence and offers visitors the chance to listen to live flamenco music while enjoying a few drinks.

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A glass of red wine and Spanish ham

Lo Güeno Mesón

Lo Güeno Mesón is a traditional Spanish restaurant serving Andalusian paella and grilled delicacies, plus an assortment of tapas and beer.

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Man playing guitar

Velvet Club Málaga

More of a pub than a nightclub, the Velvet Club Málaga is a small and popular venue offering live music performances, mostly alternative rock and indie music, as well as affordable drinks, and impeccable service.

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People in bar

La Biblioteca

La Biblioteca, a library-themed pub in the heart of Malaga, offers a unique and vibrant setting to dance the night away while enjoying drinks with friends. Step into the world of books and literature, surrounded by the cosy ambience of this one-of-a-kind venue.

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