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Malaga might not be as popular as other Spanish cities, but a quick visit to the birthplace of Pablo Picasso is enough to win any visitor's heart. With a great mix of ancient history and modern culture, nearly 3.000 hours of sunshine a year, and several kilometres of beach, it's quite easy to see why Malaga has been described as "Ciudad del Paraíso" ("Paradise City").

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Jardín Botanico

The affluent couple Jorge Loring and Amalia Heredia created this fantastic garden around their Hacienda La Concepción in the 19th-century. Here you can find 30.000 square meters filled with 500 tropical plants.

Cueva del Tesoro

One of only three marine caves in the world, Cueva del Teroso is home to unique geomorphic formations. First settled in in the Paelolithic Age, the caves are filled with cave paintings. Legend has it there is also a lost, ancient treasure ("Teroso") hidden somewhere in these crevices!

Wine Museum

Wine enthusiasts won't want to miss Museo del Vino. Take a tour to learn all about Malaga's wines, as well as the industry's history and cultural significance. Museo del Vino is located in the middle of the historic town.

Malaga City Park

Malaga Park is set between the Alameda Principal and the Paseo de España. In the park you will find beautiful tropical flowering trees, many of them from far-flung corners of the world.

Best things to do in malaga

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