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Edinburgh still breathes the spirit of its past, with its streets running through town like scars of bygone eras. Yet, amidst this tapestry of history, the city gracefully blends ancient heritage with vibrant modernity. Walk the historic Royal Mile, where centuries of stories unfold, explore the bustling Princes Street, and discover the allure of Edinburgh's world-renowned festivals like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With remarkable architecture, tranquil green spaces, and a wealth of exciting attractions, it's no wonder this city has ignited the imaginations of countless authors and poets throughout history.


The Shopping to Visit

View down the historic Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Traditional Scottish Souvenirs

If you're looking for traditional Scottish artefacts and souvenirs, head to the cobbled streets of the Old Town — the Royal Mile is packed with shops selling Scottish specialities such as luxuriously soft cashmere, the unavoidable kilts, bagpipes, and whisky.

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Scottish kilts on display outside the shop in Edinburgh, Scotland

Heritage of Scotland

If you want to take a piece of Scotland home with you, then do not miss a visit to Heritage of Scotland, the ultimate store for all things Scottish. They have kilts, bagpipes, rugby shirts, Celtic and Scottish jewellery, suits of armour, and so much more.

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Cup of hot cacao with marshmallow, cinnamon and nuts on brown cotton serviette, close up.

The Marshmallow Lady

Claiming to be 'the first gourmet marshmallow shop', The Marshmallow Lady is a unique establishment selling these fluffy homemade treats crafted with love, using locally sourced ingredients. For the daring foodie, there's the adventurous beer-flavoured marshmallow. If that doesn't tempt you, perhaps the enticing chocolate mousse flavour sounds more appealing. With a wide variety of flavours available, The Marshmallow Lady ensures there's something to please every palate.

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medieval buildings at Lady Stairs Close in Edinburgh, Scotland


In Edinburgh's Old Town, the historic Royal Mile serves as the central axis connecting the magnificent Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. Branching off this iconic thoroughfare is a labyrinth of narrow alleys known as 'closes'. These charming alleys offer more than just picturesque backyards—they house hidden treasures such as cheese shops, jewellers, and kilt designers. Amidst your exploration, be sure to indulge in the quintessential Scottish treat of shortbread, available throughout the area.

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Colourful buildings in Victoria Street, Old Town Edinburgh, Scotland.

Victoria Street

Just off the Royal Mile, lies Victoria Street, where brightly coloured shops line up to sell all sorts of products to the city's visitors. Here, you can discover a plethora of offerings, ranging from artisanal cheese and cutting-edge fashion to authentic Scottish design products. Should hunger strike, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice with the abundance of restaurants and pubs nestled within this lively area.

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Young woman checking items' price

Waverley Market

Located right next to Waverley Station, Waverley Market is a shopping destination for both shopping fans and food lovers. It features authentic Scottish and popular high-street brands along with a wide range of small food venues and coffee shops.

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