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Edinburgh still breathes the spirit of its past, with its streets running through town like scars of bygone eras. Yet, amidst this tapestry of history, the city gracefully blends ancient heritage with vibrant modernity. Walk the historic Royal Mile, where centuries of stories unfold, explore the bustling Princes Street, and discover the allure of Edinburgh's world-renowned festivals like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With remarkable architecture, tranquil green spaces, and a wealth of exciting attractions, it's no wonder this city has ignited the imaginations of countless authors and poets throughout history.

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Edinburgh Castle

Perched atop Castle Rock, overlooking Scotland's capital for over a millennium, the iconic Edinburgh Castle holds a storied past as a military fortress and royal residence. Today, it stands proudly as a museum, showcasing a wealth of historic and precious treasures. Admire the splendour of the Scottish Crown Jewels, marvel at the ancient Stone of Destiny, and witness the medieval bombard known as Mons Meg. After exploring the castle's interior, venture outside to stroll along the charming cobbled promenades and meander through winding stone steps. As you do, bask in the breathtaking vistas that stretch across the city, providing a picturesque backdrop to your visit.

Princes Street Gardens

Nestled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens is a beautiful urban oasis, providing a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and leisure, and boasting some of the most magnificent views over Edinburgh.

Festival Theatre

Alongside the King's Theatre, the Festival Theatre stands as one of Edinburgh's premier venues for performing arts. Its modern architectural marvel is a sight to behold, but the true magic lies within its doors. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of national opera and ballet shows, where talented performers grace the stage with their artistry.

Edinburgh Zoo

Explore the lives of over 1,000 animal species from all over the world. Watch giant pandas, big cats, penguins and other birds, or take part in some of the interactive activities offered by this non-profit zoological park. Don't miss out on the Edinburgh Zoo gardens, a lush paradise with countless exotic flowers and plants.

Best things to do in edinburgh

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