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Edinburgh still breathes the spirit of its past, with its streets running through town like scars of bygone eras. Yet, amidst this tapestry of history, the city gracefully blends ancient heritage with vibrant modernity. Walk the historic Royal Mile, where centuries of stories unfold, explore the bustling Princes Street, and discover the allure of Edinburgh's world-renowned festivals like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With remarkable architecture, tranquil green spaces, and a wealth of exciting attractions, it's no wonder this city has ignited the imaginations of countless authors and poets throughout history.


The Cafes to visit

Pouring tea into a cup

The Elephant House

This much-loved Edinburgh institution, named after the 600 elephants in all shapes and sizes decorating its interior, serves coffee and tea sourced from all corners of the globe. Find solace in the back room, where a mesmerising view of Edinburgh Castle unfolds, and let your imagination roam free, just like the countless creative minds before you. It is no wonder that JK Rowling herself found inspiration while indulging in coffee and cake, penning the magical tales of Harry Potter within the cosy embrace of this writer and reader-friendly café.

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Brewing Coffee

Union Brew Lab

Union Brew Lab is a hip and innovative coffee house that takes pride in its meticulous brewing techniques and offers an extensive selection of single-origin filter, espresso, and cold brew coffees. Indulge in the perfect pairing of your coffee with a delectable array of artisanal food options, ranging from scrumptious pastries to light lunch choices.

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A bowl of fresh tomato soup in white ceramic bowl, garnished with herbs, croutons, seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil, and served with crusty wholemeal bread.

Union of Genius

On a chilly day in Edinburgh, you might find yourself dreaming of a hot beverage but also feeling hungry: Union of Genius is the answer to all your prayers. In this charming little place, you can eat some of the best soups in existence, accompanied by local artisan bread, cakes, salads and tea or coffee coming from neighbouring shops.

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Coffee cup with design

Dovecot Studios Cafe

Dovecot Studios is an art gallery hosting textile exhibitions, workshops, and events. It is also home to a modern and bright café, which serves freshly prepared sandwiches, soups, and salads, as well as other yummy treats including crispy pastries. If you hesitate between the different coffees, a suggestion is the Artisan Roast espresso.

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A slice of rich moist chocolate cake on a white plate with layers


Step into the whimsical world of Lovecrumbs, a delightful and quirky café that never fails to surprise you. Its charming atmosphere is adorned with mismatched tableware, lots of plants, and a piano. Indulge your sweet tooth with an enticing selection of handmade cakes, artfully arranged on a wooden dresser. Complement your treat with a cup of artisanal coffee, expertly crafted to perfection.

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Ice cream with caramel sauce

Mary's Milk Bar

In Edinburgh, there's a place for the sweet-tooth and the history lover, the gelato addict and the photographer: this place is Mary's Milk Bar. Instagram-worthy ice creams, intense hot chocolates, sweet treats, and a breathtaking view over Edinburgh Castle: what more could one possibly want?

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Chocolate cake with a strawberry

Mimi's Bakehouse

Mimi's Bakehouse is a friendly, family-run bakery & restaurant serving all-day brunch, award-winning afternoon tea, and a tempting selection of cakes in a charming setting with a touch of 1940s glamour.

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Hot cup of tea with lemon on grain background


This quirky tea boutique in Edinburgh’s classy New Town is the perfect place to enjoy a classic afternoon tea. Eteaket will please even the pickiest tea addicts and you can choose from their extensive range of teas, sourced responsibly from around the world.

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