Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

1. Our Refund Policy

1.1 Our refund policy applies if one of the 3 following options occurs:

(a) A User decides to cancel the booking (after the Booking Request is accepted by the Accommodation Provider). The Refund Policy depends on the Cancellation Policy applicable to the booked Accommodation, displayed on each listing, as stated in our Terms of Service;

(b) An Accommodation Provider decides to cancel the Booking (after Booking Request is accepted by the Accommodation Provider): the User is entitled to a full refund, in this case 100%, of the 1st Rental Payment, One-time Service Fee and Holding Deposit (if applicable); or

(c) A User submits a complaint and after assessment by Uniplaces, it is deemed to be valid.

1.2 For a complaint to be valid under 1.1 (c) of our Refund Policy, the User must ensure that all the following conditions are adhered to:

(i) The complaint falls within one or more of the "Covered Circumstances" (as defined in 1.3);

(ii) The User paid for their accommodation on the Uniplaces Website. For the avoidance of doubt Uniplaces is not liable to the User in respect of any payments made outside of the Uniplaces Website;

(iii) The User took all the appropriate steps to resolve the issue with the Accommodation Provider;

(iv) The complaint is submitted by the User that made the Booking Request and not by a third party;

(v) The User notifies Uniplaces within 24 hours after the Move In Date of such complaint and cooperates fully with Uniplaces;

(vi) The user has not directly or indirectly caused the circumstance which is the basis of your claim (including but not limited to action, omission or negligence on the part of the User);

(vii) The User provides us with compelling evidence (photographs, video, or other evidence) that their claim falls within the "Covered Circumstances" (as defined in 1.3);

(viii) The User sends a written claim to Uniplaces with proof of identification and a detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the claim;

(ix) The complaint is submitted via email to customercare@uniplaces.com or through the Help Center on the Website.

1.3 In respect of clause 1.2 the following situations are deemed to constitute “Covered Circumstances”:

(a) Invalid Advertisement: it is not legal for the Accommodation Provider to enter into a Tenancy Agreement in respect of the Accommodation;

(b) Inaccessible Accommodation: The User has paid for the Accommodation in accordance with the Terms of Service, and has complied with the Accommodation Provider’s requirements as stipulated at the time of the Booking Request, but the User has been denied entry to the Accommodation as a result of intentional and wrongful conduct of the Accommodation Provider (which is deemed to include Accommodation Providers bankruptcy, insolvency or fraudulent activity), or the Accommodation is not available for rent. The User will not be compensated by Uniplaces for any delay in accessing the Accommodation during the rental period;

(c) Misrepresented Accommodation: the Accommodation has material differences or defects (as defined in Section 1.3) compared with the advertised Accommodation, and :the user is unable to rent the Accommodation as intended. The meaning of “material differences or defects” shall be determined in Uniplaces sole discretion and, among other exceptions, it shall not cover minor differences in the location of the Property advertised and the actual location of the Property; the presence or availability of local attractions or specific means of transportation; or any other external factors related to the surroundings of the property.

1.4 In respect of a complaint, Uniplaces shall complete the assessment of its validity in a reasonable time frame and will keep the User informed of any decisions or additional documentation required to process the claim. Where additional documentation is requested from the User, this must be provided without undue delay.

1.5 Uniplaces has sole discretion to make decisions regarding the claim (including the amount to be refunded to the User if applicable) and these decisions shall be final and binding on the User." For the avoidance of doubt, Uniplaces will not consider making a refund where the User is in material breach of the Terms of Service.