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Turin, Italy's first capital, is a city awash with history, green parks and art, not to mention that it is a town with renowned food and even better drinks. Under the arcades of the city centre there are countless wine bars, grandiose continental cafés and lively bars and restaurants, all just steps away from luxury shopping streets. Even if it is mostly known abroad for Fiat and Juventus, Turin is a fascinating metropolis with its eyes set firmly on the future thanks to its young population and great universities.

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Valentino Park

Parco del Valentino is an big public park right in the city centre, next to the river Po. Colourful flower beds, a small stream with wooden bridges and monumental fountains create a peaceful oasis in the midst of the city. During spring and summer you can chill all day long and well into the evening. The stately Castello del Valentino is the focal point of the park.Within the park, you'll find Borgo Medievale — an open air museum and reconstructed medieval village and castle. Also, do check the latest exhibition in Promotrice delle Belle Arti and see what's in bloom at the Museo dell'Orto Botanico.

Sacra di San Michele

A visit to Sacra di San Michele is the perfect trip on a clear day. This basilica is of high religious importance and got its name from the archangel Michael. The interior is majestic and the surroundings are breath-taking, as is the path to reach it. If you don't feel like a long walk, you could also get to Sacra di San Michele by train, bus or car.

Zoom Torino

To experience direct contact with nature, visit Zoom, a few kilometres outside of Turin. This safari park is so much more than a normal zoo: you can admire different species like zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros up close, and you can even swim with penguins! Furthermore, the water park and Bolder Beach pool is an extension of the park, so you can buy a combined ticket for both attractions.

Wine Tours in Langhe Region

Piedmont is one of the richest regions in Italy when it comes to wine. In particular, a large part of the production is concentrated in the Langhe area, reachable in one hour by bus, train or car from Turin. Many and various are the tasting tours available in this region, during which you can not only try these delicious nectars, but also numerous local dishes. You can buy a package tour or book a visit with numerous cantinas yourself.

Las mejores cosas para hacer en torino

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