Hola, lille

Over a decade ago, Lille was awarded the European Capital of Culture title, marking not its pinnacle but rather the start of its journey. In the years since, it has established itself as a premier cultural destination, rivalling any other in northern France and, according to some, beyond. Once a thriving commercial hub in French Flanders, Lille still exudes a strong Flemish character, both in its cuisine and the ornate buildings of its charming Old Town.


Los Cafés para visitar


Pâtisserie Méert

Méert's gourmand history begins in the 18th century, when chocolate maker Delcourt opened his first boutique in Lille and started a real pastry revolution in the city. Nowadays, this tea salon is very popular for their exquisite cakes and pastries, along with, of course, the famous vanilla waffles--considered the best in Lille.

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La Crêperie de Lille

Lille's finest crêperie boasts an extensive selections of sweet and savoury crepes as well as galettes (the latter are made with buckwheat flour). The chefs make sense of the most bizarre flavour combinations and easily turn even the most sceptical of diners into converts.

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Merveilleux dessert

Cafés Méo

Despite its central location smack in the Grande Place of Lille, this café manages to keep its prices reasonable and its slew of customers content. Grab a coffee and head to the second floor, and if you're lucky, you might be able to secure a spot by the window, overlooking the very heart of the city.

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Coffee Makers

This little gem of a cafe is a favourite for breakfast, casual lunch, or even just a cup of coffee (soy and oat milk available on request). One of the cafe's best attributes is the jovial, welcoming attitude of the staff (that apart from the delicious toasted sandwiches).

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Crêperie Beaurepaire

It would be an abomination to leave northern France without sufficiently indulging in the region's speciality - galettes and crepes - and Beaurepaire lets you do just that, all at very reasonable prices. The menu variety astounds - from classics containing just egg and ham to much more elaborate concoctions (look out for the day's specials on the chalk board above the kitchen counter). The chef graciously agreed to take us in despite the scheduled afternoon break (2-7pm).

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People in cafe

Notting Hill Coffee

With multiple locations across the city, Notting Hill Coffee is an easy-to-find spot for a snack or a full meal accompanied by very decent coffee. In the food department, there are soups, salads, pasta, bagels, wraps, and all sorts of sandwiches; for dessert, pick from muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes and more.

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