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Celebrating wine, gastronomy, arts and culture, Bordeaux is a city that represents the very essence of the French spirit. Located in the southwest of France, on the Garonne River, Bordeaux casts its charms around the region through its broad pedestrian boulevards, gorgeous squares, modern buildings and historical architecture. Pay a visit to Bordeaux on your next trip to France and see why the city was once elected as "European Best Destination".

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Church of Our Lady of Bordeaux

The Notre-Dame de Bordeaux, an 11th-century Roman Catholic church, is a significant landmark in Bordeaux. Renowned for its Romanesque architecture, the church's statuary-adorned west front is a masterpiece of religious art. Inside, you'll find the walls covered with beautiful murals. Whether bathed in sunlight or under the soft glow of street lamps, the church is a stunning sight, with its facade transforming with the changing light. It's truly an architectural marvel worth visiting both day and night.

La Cité du Vin

This gigantic cultural centre devoted to wine was opened in June 2016 and offers an experience close to that of an amusement park. The post-modern building itself is worth the detour, but the visits are almost impossible to exhaust with 19 thematic modules, tours given in 8 languages and over 120 audiovisual productions. The Cité is also to be experienced through performances, concerts, tastings, a multi-sensory space, a panoramic restaurant and more.

National Opera

The National Opera of Bordeaux, or Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, is a stunning building constructed on a Roman temple's site. Inaugurated in 1780, it hosts operas, ballets and classical music performances, with ticket prices varying based on seating categories. Featuring 12 Corinthian columns and a splendid auditorium with perfect acoustics, it's an architectural gem steeped in history — be sure not to miss the rare guided tours to fully appreciate this French treasure.

AviaSim Bordeaux

If you are among those who are always tempted to press the big red button, this is your chance. Jump aboard the cockpit of an Airbus A320, fasten your seatbelt, fly and attempt the hardest landings of the world in this flight simulator. A dream come true for many, an incredible adventure for everyone.

Las mejores cosas para hacer en bordeaux

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