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Zaragoza, the capital of Spain's Aragon region, has a privileged location, equally distanced from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. The city is connected by an international airport and a high-speed railway line (AVE). Visitors can expect a delicious gastronomy and a rich heritage of historical monuments: Basilica del Pilar, Cathedral of San Salvador, Aljafería Palace, the paintings of Goya or the Mudejar–UNESCO Heritage of Mankind. Local architecture combines Islamic and Gothic styles — an absolute must-see.

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Museo del Teatro romano de Caesaraugusta

Caesaraugusta’s Route - Museum

Caesaraugusta is a Roman city bearing the name of its founder - Augustus Caeser. Discover the political centre and most emblematic public buildings of the Roman city: • Caesaraugusta Forum Museum • Caesaraugusta River Port Museum • Caesaraugusta Public Baths Museum • Caesaraugusta Theatre Museum

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"Origami Deer"

Origami Museum of Zaragoza

This quirky museum claims to hold the world's best collection of origami. Admire intricate origami exhibits and try your hand at fashioning some of your own - the museum organises workshops and activities for both adults and children.

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"Zaragoza Market"

Zaragoza Central Market

This historic building is home to Zaragoza's oldest market. An ornate space decorated with columns, archways and naves, this is the perfect place to taste local produce from meats, cheese, seafood, and of course, wine. Stock up for a picnic or grab a pastry for breakfast. Note that this market is closed on Sundays.

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Pablo Gargallo Museum

A monographic museum dedicated to the work of the Aragonese sculptor Pablo Gargallo. Installed in the Argillo Palace, it is a valuable example of the evolution of civilian architecture in Zaragoza in the 17th century. It was declared a national monument in 1943.

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IAACC Pablo Serrano Museum

IAACC Pablo Serrano Museum

The museum dedicated to Pablo Serrano lies in the Paseo María Agustín, on a site which formerly housed the workshops of the Provincial Orphanage. The museum displays a collection of works by the sculptor and his wife, painter Juan Francés, and is a key venue for the promotion of contemporary culture.

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CaixaForum Zaragoza

This is the cultural and social centre of La Caixa Obra Social (Social Projects). The building is the work of Carme Pinós Studio. Its exhibition rooms house both art and science exhibitions. It offers an extensive activity programme for all ages.

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