Hello, zaragoza

Zaragoza, the capital of Spain's Aragon region, has a privileged location, equally distanced from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. The city is connected by an international airport and a high-speed railway line (AVE). Visitors can expect a delicious gastronomy and a rich heritage of historical monuments: Basilica del Pilar, Cathedral of San Salvador, Aljafería Palace, the paintings of Goya or the Mudejar–UNESCO Heritage of Mankind. Local architecture combines Islamic and Gothic styles — an absolute must-see.

The City
Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians left their mark in the city along more than 2,000 years of history. The Baroque grandiosity can be admired in the Basilica del Pilar; Aljafería Palace, the most northerly Arab Palace in Europe, magnificent examples of aragonese Mudéjar art, a World Heritage Site; the height of the Gothic period can be seen in the Cathedral of San Salvador… From the paintings of Goya to the latest expressions of urban painting, from the Roman Theatre to contemporary dance, from centenarian retail establishments to alternative approaches to retailing can be found in the city. After the 2008 International Exposition “Water and sustainable development”, Zaragoza has emerged as an innovative city with modern and renovated infrastructures. Art, theatre, tapas, concerts, shopping, design, history, the banks of the Ebro river, … Zaragoza has a lot to offer.