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Lyon is often called the capital city of gastronomy. For a long time, this was equated with sauces and a petit-bourgeois small town complex. But then the TGV high speed train linked Lyon with Paris and Marseille, Olympique de Lyon started to win League Championship after League Championship, and a new Lyon was suddenly filled with daring architecture, crowded cafés, and avant-garde exhibitions.


The Shopping to Visit


Charcuterie Sibilia

This butcher is located in Lyon's food hall (in a concrete quarter erected in the 1970s). Colette and her daughter probably offer the best cured meats and provisions in France. She dispatches them to customers throughout the world. This means that she is used to vacuum packing sausages, quenelles and other delicacies.

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If you are a chocolate lover then you have to visit this world-famous “maître chocolatier” – master chocolate maker. Everything on offer is made from scratch, from the delicate truffles and ornate bars to the savoury options that are also available, such as quiche.

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woman shopping in clothing store

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette the premiere department store in France, with locations found all over the country. Here you can find just about anything you might be looking for, from clothes, shoes and accessories to home decor and design, as well as miscellaneous items of all sorts.

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Old books in book shop

La Bourse

Book lovers will not want to pass up a visit to La Bourse, one of the city's best places to find new and old books, comic books from all over the world, magazines and other such items. They even have old video games, LPs and films. This is where you can buy or trade for that old Piaf vinyl record, Serge Gainsbourg CD or Enki Bilal comic album you have been looking for.

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woman reading the label behind a bottle of wine

Vavro et Co

Blaise Vavro is one of Lyon’s most interesting wine retailers. It belongs to a younger generation that really tries to discover wines smaller and more unknown vineyards at reasonable prices. Wine lovers will doubtlessly make unique finds and discover flavours they've never tasted before.

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woman with recipe book

In Cuisine

In Cuisine is a quaint bookstore that specializes in all things related to food and dining, with books specialising in gastronomy and wine. They also host wine tastings and cooking courses, and offer lunch options for casual visitors who want to offer their palate something new and unique.

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