Hello, lyon

Lyon is often called the capital city of gastronomy. For a long time, this was equated with sauces and a petit-bourgeois small town complex. But then the TGV high speed train linked Lyon with Paris and Marseille, Olympique de Lyon started to win League Championship after League Championship, and a new Lyon was suddenly filled with daring architecture, crowded cafés, and avant-garde exhibitions.


The Cafes to visit


Le Grand Café des Négociants

Heavy curtains, exquisite plasterwork, and mirrors everywhere for Lyon's silk merchants who wanted to be able to keep an eye on each other, Le Grand Café des Négociants looks much like it did many years ago. It is a monument in Lyon, much like the Café de Flore is for Parisians.

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Café Pignol

Café Pignol is one of Lyon’s most famous tea houses, as beloved for its great coffee and tea varieties as it is for its homemade jams and out-of-this-world pastries. They also offer a lunch menu, in case you're in the mood for something more substantial.

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Café 203

This bustling café is open all day, and is a popular place among the younger crowd. It's easy to spot since there is always a beautiful Peugeot 203 parked right in front of the terrace. This trendy and relaxed cafe also holds weekly art exhibitions.

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