Hello, bologna

As the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, Bologna is an art city, a university centre and a place renowned for its excellent cuisine. It hosts important international trade fairs and is one of the world’s greatest motor cities. Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati were all born in Bologna and Ferrari’s headquarters can be found in nearby Modena.


The Cafes to visit


Roxy Bar

This spot, right under the two towers, in the heart of the city, is well known because it was celebrated by Italian singer Vasco Rossi in one of his most famous songs ("Vita Spericolata, A Reckless Life"). Do not miss this place for a drink or for a light lunch.

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Cup of coffee, bag and scoop on old rusty background

Caffè Terzi

Popular among the locals, Caffè Terzi is a very elegant and refined café, located in the city centre. They really know their coffee here and they do it well. This kind of passion is hard to find elsewhere, just as the wide choice of infusions and teas, perfect for a relaxing break.

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Il Duca d’Amalfi

In a quiet courtyard off Piazza Maggiore lies this picturesque café. The Duca D'Amalfi's large outdoor area is perfect for a relaxing or energizing cup of coffee. Indeed here you will often see students and teachers taking their break all together or simply reading a book.

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Il Caffè della Corte

A nice retreat, hidden inside a small patio, Il Caffè della Corte or in English "The Coffee Court" offers breakfast, hot and cold food, snacks and lunch. This elegant café is close to the two towers and has a beautiful "loggia" outside.

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italian ice cream

La Sorbetteria Castiglione

There are ice cream places all over the city, but not all of them serve authentic Italian ice cream like La Sorbetteria Castiglione. This is not hard to comprehend, considering that the owners constantly strive for improvements.

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Cup of americano coffee, shallow focus


Come to Gamberini and have a Bolognese breakfast and lunch served in a sophisticated manner. You can order a fascinating dish like for example cannellini bean cream and shrimps skewer and scrumptious patisserie for dessert. The happy hour is also of great importance for the locals, that is why it is recommended to attend it and taste the selection of cocktails and international wines.

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the real and delicious italian coffee

Caffè Zanarini

Located within close proximity of fancy shopping centers, Caffè Zanarini invites you to try Italian coffee in a modern atmosphere. The establishment offers outdoor sitting, which is a great option for the perfect start of your day. Take a glass of aromatic coffee, select among the rich assortment of sandwiches and pastries and enjoy the idyllic setting.

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salad with fresh fruits and berries

Caffè Zamboni

Caffè Zamboni is a cosy café where as soon as you cross the threshold, the inviting staff welcomes you with a big smile. Sushi, fruit salads, trendy cocktails and delicious sweets give you a moment of exquisite satisfaction which will make you feel full of joy.

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