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As the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, Bologna is an art city, a university centre and a place renowned for its excellent cuisine. It hosts important international trade fairs and is one of the world’s greatest motor cities. Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati were all born in Bologna and Ferrari’s headquarters can be found in nearby Modena.

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University of Bologna

The city of Bologna is famous for its university, which was the first university in the world. Some of the famous people who have been teaching here include Nicolaus Copernicus and Francesco Petrarca. Today the university has more than 100,000 students and that makes it the largest in Italy.

Italian Cooking Class at Agriturismo San Giuliano

If you want to learn how to cook a perfect pasta Bolognese you should do it in Bologna, the home of the world’s famous sauce. Agriturismo San Giuliano organizes classes in pasta making and cooking traditional Italian food. The courses can be held in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

National Gallery

The National Gallery, Pinacoteca Nazionale, is the most important art gallery in Bologna and boasts one of the richest collections in Northern Italy. Art from major Italian artists, including local artists are housed here. Here you will find works of art, dating back from the 14th and 15th century (Vitale da Bologna etc.), to the Renaissance period (Raffaello, Perugino, Tintoretto etc. ) and art from the 16th-century.

Basilica di Santo Stefano

This extraordinary religious site consists of four medieval churches, originally there were seven churches, and therefore it is known by the name of Sette Chiese (Seven Churches). Beside churches, this peaceful complex contains of cloisters, tombs and courtyards, a great place to browse religious art and artifacts too. The most interesting is the church of the Sepolcro, which preserves a representation of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Best things to do in bologna

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