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Welcome to Berlin — the capital of Germany, which has changed drastically since the Wall came down, becoming a major destination for culture, parties and niche hipster delights. Today Berlin is a young, dynamic metropolis open to the world right in the heart of Europe, setting new trends in architecture, art and fashion. Shiny modern business centres compete for attention with nostalgic 90s grunge, and young families have brunch while club kids bike home in the late morning. Discover its diversity — enjoy Berlin! Be a Berliner. Eat a Berliner.

To Do & To See

Plenty of things to do and see

a recreation of an East German apartment in the DDR Museum, Berlin, Germany

DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is an interactive museum that takes you on a journey into the socialist past. You'll see countless iconic objects from the former East Germany, will take a simulated ride in a Trabi, dance the Lipsi and rummage around in an authentic apartment. It's an essential Berlin history trip.

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Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin Christmas Markets

The smell of candied apples and toasted almonds drives Berliners out of doors during the cold season into their city's Christmas markets. With more than 400 stalls at the weekends, the Christmas markets offer sensual concerts, unique handicrafts, and culinary delights from top chefs — the winter magic is in the air at the Gendarmenmarkt. A romantic Christmas market is held in Charlottenburg. The illumination of the castle and the castle park create an enchanting backdrop. Winter sports enthusiasts head to Winter World in Potsdamer Platz. At the Christmas market, you can go ice skating and sledging on the largest mobile toboggan run in Europe.If you feel a bit intimidated by the abundance if choice and want to have the smoothest introduction to Berlin's Christmas Markets — book a guided tour with several snacks and mulled wine included!

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woman in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate

It’s Berlin’s most famous landmark and became the symbol of overcoming the division of Germany. From an architectural perspective, the sandstone structure, built by Carl Gotthard Langhans, is one of the most magnificent examples of German classicism. Nowadays the Gate serves as a backdrop for festivals, big sporting events or New Year’s Eve parties.

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the most famous mural of Honecker and Breschnew in the East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

East Side Gallery

An East German Trabant car, which appears to be breaking through the concrete. Honecker and Breschnew locked in a kiss of brotherly, socialist love. With the East Side Gallery, a segment of the Berlin Wall has been turned into the longest open air gallery in the world. The open-air East Side Gallery is located along the banks of the river Spree in Friedrichshain. At 1316 metres, it's also the longest segment of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. Right after the fall of the Wall, this stretch was painted by 118 artists from 21 different countries. Using various techniques, the artists commented on the political events that took place in 1989 and 1990 in over 100 works of art found on the eastern side of the wall.

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3 women biking around Kreuzberg in the summer, Berlin, Germany

Alternative Berlin Bike Tour

Berlin is a city of alternative culture and bikes — so why not combine the two and get a quick introduction to the city with a bike tour, lead by hip and knowledgeable locals. Discover the hidden gems of Berlin’s alternative neighborhoods of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukolln and Treptow. Get ready for clubbing in “Kreuzkolln”. Bikes are provided for you, of course.

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Boat Cruise on the River Spree

One of the best ways to see any city is from the water — and Berlin is no exception. Enjoy a boat cruise along the River Spree and catch a glimpse of many city attractions including the government district, Bellevue Palace, Berlin Cathedral, and Museum Island in just a couple of hours. Perfect plan for when your legs are already tired but you are still in the mood for adventure. Choice of morning or afternoon departure.

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