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Welcome to Berlin — the capital of Germany, which has changed drastically since the Wall came down, becoming a major destination for culture, parties and niche hipster delights. Today Berlin is a young, dynamic metropolis open to the world right in the heart of Europe, setting new trends in architecture, art and fashion. Shiny modern business centres compete for attention with nostalgic 90s grunge, and young families have brunch while club kids bike home in the late morning. Discover its diversity — enjoy Berlin! Be a Berliner. Eat a Berliner.

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Berlin City Hop-on Hop-off Tour

Berlin is a vast city with not one, but several centres that come in their distinct and varied flavours of cool. The fastest and most time efficient way to hit all the main attractions is to get on one of those hop-on hop-off busses. You can get a 24- or 48-hour ticket, as well as an option to upgrade to a river cruise boat. Busses run every 10–15 minutes. Of course, you get audio commentary in multiple languages, plus a kids' channel.

East Side Gallery

An East German Trabant car, which appears to be breaking through the concrete. Honecker and Breschnew locked in a kiss of brotherly, socialist love. With the East Side Gallery, a segment of the Berlin Wall has been turned into the longest open air gallery in the world. The open-air East Side Gallery is located along the banks of the river Spree in Friedrichshain. At 1316 metres, it's also the longest segment of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. Right after the fall of the Wall, this stretch was painted by 118 artists from 21 different countries. Using various techniques, the artists commented on the political events that took place in 1989 and 1990 in over 100 works of art found on the eastern side of the wall.

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, also shortened to Palast Berlin, is a gorgeous building and a brilliant piece of entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. Jean Paul Gaultier designed the over 500 daring and extravagant costumes. The dazzling shows spark a mesmerising abundance of emotions: hope, happiness and a joy for life. Recommended by the New York Times as "Must-See in Berlin".Also suitable for international guests, who do not speak German.

Wall Museum — Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous of the inner-German border crossing points and a name known the world over, was where Allied border guards registered members of the American, English and French Armed Forces (and their families) before they visited East Berlin. The "Wall Museum - Museum House at Checkpoint Charlie” is right next to this major tourist spot. The museum displays an incredible number of original means and tools that people used in their escape out of the GDR: from the hot-air balloon to a mini-submarine, plus plenty of real and fake travel documents.