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Experience Berlin, the heart of Germany's transformation since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The city is a hub for cultural innovation, pulsating nightlife and eclectic hipster charm. Berlin is a youthful, dynamic metropolis embracing global influences while setting architectural, art and fashion trends. The city's skyline is a mix of sleek modernity and nostalgic nods to the 90s. As young families enjoy leisurely brunches, the nightlife crowd cycles home in the early hours.

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Experience Berlin's best views from the fastest elevator in Europe, which whisks you to a height of 100 metres in just 20 seconds. At the top, a terrace offers breathtaking vistas of the German capital's iconic landmarks and historic sites. The Brandenburg Gate and many other attractions are within sight. Enjoy the panoramic view, explore an exhibition, and relax in a stylish café.

Berlin Palace Humboldt Forum

The Berlin Palace on the Museum Island in the Mitte area of Berlin, was the main royal residence from 1443 to 1918. It was badly damaged during the Allied bombing in World War II, and was demolished by the East German authorities in 1950 to build the modernist East German Palace of the Republic. After German reunification and several years of debate, the Palace of the Republic was itself demolished and the Berlin Palace was constructed anew to house the Humboldt Forum museum. Today, the Humboldt Forum museum houses a rich collection of Asian art and craft objects dating from the 5th millennium BC through to the present day. Explore East Asian paintings and prints, lacquer objects and ceramics, the art and culture of the Silk Road, South Asian and South-East Asian art, Hindu and Buddhist sculptures and much more.

Wall Museum — Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous of the inner-German border crossing points and a name known the world over, was where Allied border guards would register members of the American, English and French Armed Forces (and their families) before they visited East Berlin. The "Wall Museum – Museum House at Checkpoint Charlie” is right next to this major tourist spot. The museum displays an incredible number of the original means and tools that people used in their escape out of the GDR: from the hot-air balloon to a mini-submarine, plus plenty of real and fake travel documents.

Museum Island

The five historical museum buildings on Museum Island have been part of UNESCO world heritage since 1999, and represent a collection that is unique in the world. Each museum building on the island was designed by famous architects of their time. Museum Island is home to collections in the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), the Bode Museum, and the Neues Museum (New Museum). The Pergamon Museum is closed for renovation until 2037 or 2043. The exhibitions cover prehistoric times, ancient history and 19th-century art.