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Different civilizations have passed through these lands, leaving their mark which can be seen in all corners of this emblematic city. All of this adds to the appeal of this modern city with a primary focus on tourism, but also a special interest in industry and commerce. Alicante, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, offers not only a great variety of services but also a wide range of cultural activities, with its museums, its festivals and its nature areas, in particular the Island of Tabarca (Mediterranean Marine Reserve).

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Mauro & Sensai- Barra Copity

Copity is the pub in Mauro & Sensai restaurant. They offer a wide range of premium drinks, together with the best service in great surroundings.

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Santa Bárbara

This pub is located in a going out area of Alicante. Classy and fun...


The place to be. 13 years of experience dedicated to serve the best drinks and for people to enjoy themselves.

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Teatre Club Day and Night

This pub offers good drinks and great surroundings any time of the day and night.

Club Concerto

Exclusive pub. Concerto is a particularly pleasant place offering a high quality atmosphere.

Confetti Pop Club

Pub with over 18 years of experience and has always adapted to changing times. It is best known for its great atmosphere and good music.

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