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Different civilizations have passed through these lands, leaving their mark which can be seen in all corners of this emblematic city. All of this adds to the appeal of this modern city with a primary focus on tourism, but also a special interest in industry and commerce. Alicante, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, offers not only a great variety of services but also a wide range of cultural activities, with its museums, its festivals and its nature areas, in particular the Island of Tabarca (Mediterranean Marine Reserve).

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MARQ Museum

Created in 1932, this museum was originally located on the ground floor of the Provincial Council building on Avenida de la Estación in Alicante. In 2002 it was transferred to the former site of the San Juan de Dios Provincial Hospital. Visitors to this highly innovative and visual museum can enjoy an avant-garde approach to archaeology supported by modern audiovisual techniques. Its exhibits stretch from the Palaeolithic through to Contemporary Modern Culture, tracing our history.

Central Market

This building contains some modernist features and was built between 1911 and 1912. The front of the building was designed by Enrique Sánchez Sedeño and on 25th May 1938, it was hit during the worst bombing suffered by the city of Alicante during the Spanish Civil War.All kinds of high-quality products can be bought at the Market, especially local fish and seafood, vegetables and fruit, as well as other typical local products.

Tabarca Island

A visit to Tabarca island is an absolute must for visitors. Boats from the company Kontiki depart from the marina in Alicante several times a day.The journey takes around one hour from Alicante. The route will give you the opportunity to enjoy the coastline. Try one of the traditional fish stews on the terrace of one of the restaurants. Also, you will find nice little bays to swim. If you decide to stay overnight on the island, there are also little hotels peppered along it.


For those who want to have a general idea of Alicante, or for those with less time, Alicante offers a special service—the TuriBús—a bus through the city with 10 interesting stops for holidaymakers. The sights and sites are explained in Spanish,Valencian, English, French, German and Italian. It is also enabled with an access platform for the disabled. The Turibús usually operates between March and December.