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Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

How Public Transportation works in Barcelona?

Public transportation in Barcelona includes a variety of options such as buses, metro, trams, and funiculars.All of the public transportation options in Barcelona use the same ticketing system, which means that one ticket can be used for multiple modes of transportation within a certain time frame.Learn more

Bucket list of things to do and see in Barcelona

Barcelona offers an unparalleled quality of life, stunning beaches, buzzing nightlife, wondrous architecture, and culture as beautiful as the city's surrounding landscapes. With all these things and more, Barcelona is the 3rd best European city in terms of quality of lifeLearn more

How do I apply for a visa to stay in Barcelona?

The legal procedure to get your visa in Spain is really simple. After analyzing your situation and defining which is the best permit for you, the first step will be to go the consulate or embassy of Spain located at your country of origin, and submit the required documentation.Learn more

Best neighbourhood to live in Barcelona

In Barcelona, each area has something unique to offer. Barcelona is a vast journey packed with contemporary and historical culture. If you are looking for a quiet retreat with ancient Roman columns or a modern-themed getaway.Learn more

How to eat like a local in Barcelona?

In Barcelons locals enjoy heading out for a pre-lunch or pre-dinner snack, especially on the weekends, to enjoy the region's sparkling wine, cava, or sweet red Spanish vermouth. To truly experience local cuisine in Barcelona, locate one of the city's numerous rustic bodegas, or wine shops, and sample some of their cured meats, olives, and cheese.Learn more

Where can I study or work remotely in Barcelona?

If you want to spend an entire afternoon studying or working away from all distractions. Many cafes in the city provide a comfortable and quiet environment for studying and working, and some even have designated study areas or free Wi-Fi.Learn more

What is the average cost of living in Barcelona?

The cost of living in Barcelona can vary depending on factors such as your lifestyle and location within the city. Overall, it is considered to be relatively expensive compared to other cities in Spain. Given its sandy beaches, iconic landmarks, and vibrant city life, it's totally worth it!Learn more