Cais do Sodré

Cais do Sodré

Lisbon - Portugal

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Cais do Sodré

Lisbon, Portugal

For Erasmus students in Lisbon, Cais do Sodré is probably the perfect place to live. It’s is one of the liveliest and coolest nightlife spots in town - but it’s also a really convenient and pretty neighbourhood during the day. There are nearly 30 cool bars in the main street (called the Pink Street) and during the weekend hundreds of people will join there to drink and talk on the streets and inside the bars. There are also really great restaurantsand cafés - check out the Café Tati. One of the best places to study in Lisbon for sure! Getting around Cais do Sodré is also really easy. The Cais do Sodré trainstation also serves buses, metros, and trams. If you’re in a rush, you even have cabs here pretty much 24-hours a day.

The neighbours

It's mostly students (because of the nightlife) and old, friendly people who have lived here for over fifty years.

Interesting points

The TimeOut Market, an old market that has been restored. It’s now a foodie’s paradise, with each stand representing the best chefs and restaurants in Lisbon!

You will fall in love with

Nightlife that the Pink Street! It’s fun, casual, cheap and really different to anything you’ve ever tried.

The lifestyle

This is a neighbourhood for people who like to have fun and go to sleep late.



About the city

Lisbon is a laid back city that likes to eat, drink and dance.

It has all the culture and events of a European capital, but it’s a city you can enjoy at a much slower pace. Make the most of the awesome weather at the beaches, chilling at riverside cafés or sunbathing in the city’s gardens.

From enjoying a few beers in the streets, to crazy Erasmus events in bars and clubs, there are parties to go to every night.

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