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Welcome to Charlottenburg

Berlin, Germany

Charlottenburg is the neighborhood to live in Berlin! The familiar neighborhood is now being taken by students coming from the local Berlin Technical University. The area is known by its stunning castles and beautiful gardens. With a large offer in terms of small shops and restaurants, it is easy to understand why this area has become so popular. Here you can find 19th century Town homes side by side with condominium complexes, and residential estates. We must warn you, The average square-meter rents are slightly higher than the citywide average.

The neighborhood has good access to public transportation, including the “Westend” rapid-transit station and the “Kaiserdamm” underground station, either of which will take you to downtown West Berlin.

The neighbours

This is a calm neighborhood where you can find families, students and even celebrities.

You'll fall in love with

All the beautiful gardens perfect for a weekend walk.

Interesting points

The Charlottenburg Palace with an exotic decoration from the baroque and rococo periods. This is a big tourist attraction.

The lifestyle

Charlottenburg has the art upper-end way of life in a sophisticated and quiet residential area.

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