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Frankfurt is conveniently situated in the heart of both Germany and Europe. Its international airport, which is directly accessible from all across the globe, is only a few minutes from Frankfurt's main train station, one of the largest in Germany. Frankfurt is a great walking city, and the vast majority of its downtown destinations may be reached on foot. There is also a well-developed public transport system, which connects Frankfurt with the surrounding Rhine-Main Region both quickly and easily.

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Saint Paul's Church (Paulskirche)

Consecrated in 1833, this church served as the seat for the first German national assembly in 1848, which in turn provided the basis for Germany’s present-day constitution. Today, the site hosts award presentations as well political and cultural events.

Frankfurt Zoo

Stepping into the Frankfurt Zoo is like entering another world: hold on to your hat while you marvel at all the majestic African animals and the exciting, colourful world of Madagascar. The list of foreign and exotic places and settings goes on and on and there is a total of 4,500 animals and over 500 species from across the globe here.Apart from the fixed features, there are festivals, exhibits and themed tours to enjoy as well.

Botanical Garden (Palmengarten)

Frankfurt’s botanical gardens consist of 20 hectares of parklands and 9,000 square metres of greenhouses replete with flora of the most diverse climate zones. Internationally renowned exhibitions and festive events provide a colourful fringe programme.

Eiserner Steg

The Eiserner Steg is a pedestrian bridge built in 1869 with stunning views of the river Main and the city's skyline. It connects the centre of Frankfurt with Sachsenhausen.This is one of the most popular photo spots so do not forget the camera.

Las mejores cosas para hacer en frankfurt

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