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Anything you can dream of you will find in the Polish capital: interesting history, a wealth of events, exciting nightlife, Michelin-starred restaurants, and an abundance of green areas. Check out the charming Old Town and take a stroll down the Royal Route. Learn about the city's history in one of Warsaw's many interactive museums. Spend a wild evening by the Vistula and chill out listening to a Chopin concert at Łazienki Royal Park. No doubt, Warsaw is a must-see on the tourist map of Europe.

Bars & Nightlife

The Bars & Nightlife to Visit

Clubs by the Vistula

When visiting Warsaw in the summer, you simply have to go to the river. The relaxed atmosphere, outdoor parties, live music, and lounging on deckchairs make the riverside a great place to spend the night in Warsaw. The greatest number of clubs are between the Poniatowski Bridge and Czerniakowski Point by the Flotylla Wiślana Boulevard. There are also the Karski Boulevards and the La Playa Club on the Praga side of the Vistula.

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People dancing in a night club in Warsaw, Poland (Polish nightlife)

Parkingowa, Żurawia and Nowogrodzka Streets

If you are looking for a place to go clubbing in Warsaw, then this is the place for you. Diverse music, different styles – there is something for everyone. Most clubs are on Żurawia and Nowogrodzka Streets close to Parkingowa Street.

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Nightlife in Warsaw, Poland

Mazowiecka Street

One street, yet so many possibilities. For years, this place has attracted crowds for its party atmosphere. There are clubs with a long history and places that are completely new. The neighbourhood of Nowy Świat and Kredytowa Streets offers very interesting clubbing possibilities.

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Live music

Kredytowa Street

This is one of the more interesting party offers in Warsaw. Live music and an offbeat atmosphere is what you will find on Kredytowa.

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The Pavilions

Just enter the gate marked Nowy Świat 22/28 and you will find yourself in a completely different world. The Pavilions, as they are known, occupy the space in between historical townhouses. The place is great for grabbing a bite to eat at night, having a beer, chilling out, and partying. A good spot for both before and after-parties.

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Kufle i Kapsle

A beer-lover's paradise, Kufle i Kapsle is far from modest in its offerings, serving at all times about a dozen beers on tap and a roughly 150 further bottled varieties, along with a selection of great snacks. The place is exceptionally popular with locals, and staff are always ready to advise to those that feel overwhelmed.

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