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From its unmatched romantic allure to its historical heritage to its indisputable beauty, there is no other city like Venice. The "Queen of the Adriatic" is composed of a maze of islands, canals, and bridges, hiding magnificent buildings, historical landmarks of great artistic and cultural importance, as well as charming restaurants and squares. There are no cars in Venice, but you won't need them anyway since "The City of Bridges" is best explored on foot.

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Burano Island

Burano Island is famous for its brightly coloured houses, picturesque canals, and peaceful atmosphere. Other attractions include the Church of San Martino with its leaning bell tower and the Lace Museum – lacemaking is a fruitful industry in Burano, and you'll find many artisan lace shops on the island.

Food Tasting Walking Tour

A great way to eat your way around Venice and discover the local cuisine is by booking a guided food tour. And in this 3-hour food-tasting walking tour, you'll get a chance to sample an array of local specialities, including fresh seafood, homemade gelato, traditional Venetian cookies, and regional wines, plus get tips on the best places to drink and dine in the city.

Rialto Market

This fish and vegetable market has been around since the year 1097, and there is frantic activity here, especially early in the mornings. The fishmongers, the bustling scenes, the old facades, and the fascinating canal combine to create a great experience for all senses.

Interpreti Veneziani

Whether or not you're a fan of classical music, the Interpreti Veneziani is a welcome break from the city's pulsating core. After its inauguration in 1987, its concerts have been performed all over the world, in countries such as the US, Japan, Canada, and across Latin America. Take one evening to enjoy the harmony brought to you by the orchestra.