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From its unmatched romantic vibes to its historical heritage to its indisputable beauty, there is no other city like Venice. The "Queen of the Adriatic" is composed of a maze of islands, canals, and bridges, which hide magnificent buildings, historical landmarks of great artistic and cultural importance, as well as charming restaurants and squares. There are no cars in Venice, but you won't need them anyway since "The City of Bridges" is best explored on foot.

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Doge’s Palace

Built in Venetian Gothic style and one of the most iconic landmarks of Venice, the Doge's Palace or Palazzo Ducale (in Italian) used to be the residence of the Doge of Venice, as well as the seat of power for the Venetian Republic, which lasted more than 1,000 years. Both the court and the prison were located within the palace walls, but since 1923 the building is better known as a museum.

Murano Island

Murano Island is a popular tourist destination renowned for its glassmaking industry, which is the fruit of a centuries-old tradition. You can learn more about it by visiting the Murano Glass Museum or any of the numerous glasswork studios on the island.

San Giorgio Maggiore

Occupied in the Roman period, San Giorgio Maggiore is one of the several islands around Venice. At the beginning of the 19th century, after the Republic fall, the island became a free port housing Venice's artillery. This is another perfect opportunity to capture a gorgeous panoramic view of Venice, especially from the top of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore's bell tower.

Glassmaking Workshop

The island of Murano in Venice is famous worldwide for its long tradition of glassmaking. And if you are looking for a fun and unique way to spend an hour and a half on Murano and then leave with a glass treasure you made yourself, consider taking a personalized glassmaking lesson.In this 90-minute glassmaking workshop with a local artisan, you will learn how to craft your own glass artwork while discovering the secrets of Murano glassmaking techniques. The best part is that you get to take your glass creation home.