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Magnificent panorama and splendid architecture, cultural diversity and traditional festivals - Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, delights its visitors. Due to the numerous green strips, parks, woods and historic buildings, some people take Stuttgart for the "paradise of Swabia". Highlights include the famous State Theatre, the large State Gallery, the Museum of Natural History and the Weißenhof estate.

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Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is one of Stuttgart’s main tourist magnets. On its nine floors there are about 160 historic and brand new vehicles displayed, ranging from the world’s first automobiles to the noble Luxuskarossen. The extraordinary and award-winning architecture in the form of a double helix is certainly an attraction itself.

Stuttgart Museum of Art

From 2005, the Stuttgart Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) houses contemporary and modern art on an exhibition area of 5000 square metres. The building itself is a piece of art and at night the stone core of the glass cube glows. Other attractions are the museum's outstanding Otto Dix collection with around 250 of his works and the central section dedicated to abstract art.

Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

Tucked away in the Royal Gardens you can find a 19th-century palace now housing the Natural History Museum of Stuttgart. Come here and discover the evolution of living beings from prehistory to nowadays. The museum’s centrepiece is a 13 metre-long pollack whale.

Württemberg State Museum

The Württemberg State Museum is a historical museum where you can learn more about the region and its past. It is located in the Old Castle overlooking Schillerplatz and has celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.

Best things to do in stuttgart

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