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‘City of Caves’ and ‘Queen of the Midlands’ are two names fondly given to the city of Nottingham, which accurately reflects its hugely diverse nature, rich with cultural heritage and modern day entertainment. A city with a fascinating past and an exciting and buzzing present, Nottingham has everything to offer – from high culture, haute couture and widely acclaimed restaurants to the world famous legend of Robin Hood.

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Framework Knitters' Museum

In the outskirts of Nottingham, in Ruddington to be exact, you can find this living museum. You might not know that the people of Nottinghamshire have been knitting for over 400 years. Visit the Framework Knitters' Museum to see how they lived and maybe create your own souvenir to bring home?

Nottingham Ghost Guts & Gore Tour

This tour gives you a different view of the history of Nottingham. Visit the spot where the last public hanging took place, listen to the terrible stories about grave-robbing, murder and misery and see if you can catch a glimpse of the Nottingham ghost, Mr Bone, as he haunts the Lace Market.Suitable for: Ages 10 and aboveDuration: Approx. 80 minutesStarts from: Cross Keys, NG1 2GJ

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church is one of the most famous churches in Nottingham. The church was built in the 15th century and you can find it in the Lace Market. It is the oldest Christian foundation in the city.

Green's Mill and Science Centre

Make a visit to this working mill where bread is still produced. The scientist George Green owned the mill in the 19th century and in his memory a science museum for small children is opened next to the mill.

Best things to do in nottingham

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